C1162 Datasheet – MSC1162A

This post explains for the semiconductor C1162.

The Part Number is C1162.

The function of this semiconductor is MSC1162A.

Manufacturers : Oki

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E2C0034-27-Y5 ¡ Semiconductor MSC1162A ¡ Semiconductor 40-Bit Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tube Grid/Anode Driver This version: Nov. 1997 MSC1162A Previous version: Jul. 1996 GENERAL Description The MSC1162A is a monolithic IC designed for directly driving the grid and anode of the vacuum fluorescent display tube. The device contains a 40-bit bidirectional shift register, a 40-bit latch circuit, and 40-output circuit on a single chip. Display data is serially stored in the shift register at the rising edge of a clock pulse. Setting the CL pin low allows all the driver outputs to be driven low, which makes it possible to set the display blanking. Also, setting both of the CL and CHG pins high allows all the driver outputs to be driven high, which provides the easy testing of all lights after final assembly of a VFD tube panel. The MSC1162A is compatible with the MSC1162. Features • Logic Supply Voltage (VCC) : 5V • Driver Supply Voltage (VHV): 65V • Driver […]

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C1162 Datasheet

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