C2328 PDF Datasheet – 30V, Silicon NPN Transistor, Chip

This post explains for the transistor.

The Part Number is C2328.

The function of this semiconductor is 30V, NPN Transistor.

The Chip Size : 760um×760um

Manufacturers : ETC

Preview images :

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C2328 image

Description :

The C2328 is 30V, Silicon NPN Epitaxial Transistor.

The transistor is designed for use in power amplifier applications and power switching applications.

Features :

1. Low collector saturation voltage

2. Complementary to A1020 Chip

Appearance Chip Size :

1. Front Metal : Al

2. Backside Metal : Au(As)

3. Scribe line width : 60um

4. Wafer Size : 6 inch [ … ]


C2328 Datasheet

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