C2383 Transistor – Silicon NPN Type, 160V

This post explains for the C2383 transistor.

The Part Number is C2383.

The function of this semiconductor is Silicon NPN Epitaxial Transistor.

Manufacturers : Micro Commercial Components

Images and pinout

C2383 transistor


Description :

The C2383 transistor is designed for color TV class B sound output applications


1. High voltage: VCEO=160V

2. Complementary to A1013

Chip Appearance Chip Size Chip Thickness Bonding Pad Size Front Metal Backside Metal Scribe line width Wafer Size Base 1100um×1100um 210±20um 240um×240um Emitter 330um×260um Al Au(As) 60um 6 inch Electrical Characteristics( Ta=25℃) Characteristic Collector Cutoff Current Emitter Cutoff Current Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage DC Current Gain Collector Saturation Voltage Symbol ICBO IEBO BVCBO BVCEO BVEBO hFE Test Condition VCB=150V, IE=0 VEB=5V, IC=0 IC=0.1mA IC=10mA IE=0.1mA VCE=5V, IC=200mA IC=500mA, IB=50mA 160 160 5.0 60 320 1.5 V Min Max 1.0 1.0 Unit uA uA V V V w w w May 2004 . t a d h s a t e e . u 4 m o c VCE(sat) Version :0.0 Page 1 of 1 […]


C2383 Transistor Datasheet

C2383 pdf