C828 – NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor

Part Number : C828

Function : NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor

Manufactures : SEMTECH

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Description :

ST 2SC828 / 828A NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and AF amplifier applications. These transistors are subdivided into three groups Q, R and S according to their DC current gain. On special request, these transistors can be manufactured in different pin configurations. TO-92 Plastic Package Weight approx. 0.19g Absolute Maximum Ratings (T a = 25oC) Collector Base Voltage Collector Emitter Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Peak Collector Current Collector Current Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO ICM IC Ptot Tj TS Value ST 2SC828 ST 2SC828A 30 45 25 45 7 100 50 400 150 -55 to +150 G S P FORM A IS AVAILABLE Unit V V V mA mA mW OC OC РАДИОТЕХ-ТРЕЙД Тел.: (495) 795-0805 Факс: (495) 234-1603 Эл. почта: info@rct.ru Веб: www.rct.ru ® ST 2SC828 / 828A Characteristics at Tamb=25 OC DC Current Gain at IC=2mA, VCE=5V Current Gain Group Q R S Collector Base Breakdown Voltage at IC=10µA ST 2SC828 ST 2SC828A Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage at IC=2mA ST 2SC828 ST 2SC828A Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage at IE=10µA Collector Saturation Voltage at IC=50mA, IB=5mA Base Emitter Voltage at IC=10mA, VCE=5V Gain Bandwidth Product at IC=-2mA, VCE=10V Noise Figure at VCE=5V,IE=0.2mA, RG=2kΩ,f=1kHz Symbol hFE hFE hFE V(BR)CBO V(BR)CBO V(BR)CEO V(BR)CEO V(BR)EBO VCE(sat) VBE fT NF Min. 130 180 260 30 45 25 45 7 – – – – G S P FORM A IS AVAILABLE Typ. – – – 0.14 – 220 6 Max. 280 360 520 – – – – 0.8 – – Unit V V V V V V V MHz dB SEMTECH ELECTRONICS LTD. (Subsidiary of Semtech International Holdings Limited, acompany listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 724) ® Dated : 07/12/2002 […]

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C828 Datasheet

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