CD2399 PDF Datasheet – Surround Reverb Sound Processor

Part Number : CD2399

Function : Surround Reverb sound processor ( Audio Reverb Circuit )

Package : DIP, SOP 16 Type

Manufactures : Shenzhenshi Youngfukang Technology

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CD2399 datasheet pdf

Description :

CD2399 is a reverberation processing chip, which has digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital conversion function and high sampling frequency, and also has a built-in 44K memory. digital processing part
delay. The system clock is generated by a built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, which is a major feature of digital processing circuits, which makes the frequency easy to adjust.

The advantage of device is that it has low distortion coefficient and noise (NO < − 90 dBV), so it can output high quality audio signal. In pursuit of simpler PCB layout and lower cost, the CD2399’s pinout and application circuit have been optimized.


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Features :

1. with automatic reset function
2. Low noise, typically VNO<−90dBV
3. Low distortion, THD<1.0%
4. Externally adjustable VCO


Typical application :

1. Audio equipment with mixer processor
2. CD-R, car audio
3. Karaoke mixer
.z VCD, TV, electronic music equipment


CD2399 Datasheet