CD7613 – AM / FM 1 Chip Radio

Part Number : CD7613

Function : AM / FM 1 Chip Radio

Manufactures : Shaoxing Silicore Technology

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Description :

Silicore AM/FM 1 CHIP RADIO z CD7613 outline drawing Description The CD7613 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for the portable AM/FM radio or AM/FM clock radios. FEATURE z z Portable AM/FM 1-chip radio Wide op erating su pp ly voltage range: Vcc=3V~12V (Approxi mately) (Depending on the internal regulator tolerance) z Recommen ded operating supply voltage : Vcc=4.5V~9V On using AC line as an internal shunt regulator mode , it is transformer (approximately possible to use low cost application without a 42mA). z z IF AMP gain is determined by DC Vo ltage appeared at IC Pin16 Power output: Po=0.28W (Min.) at THD=10% (Vcc=5.5V/8¦¸ ) BLOCK DIAGRAM AM/FM IF AM/FM DET VOLTAGE REGULATOR AM F/E MIX OSC POWER AMP w w w .d e e h s a t a 5 . u t4 m o c RF 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1/8 SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn CHMC 4 3 2 1 16 15 14 13 Silicore PIN CONNECTION BPS IF IN IF GND 1 OUTMIX OSC AM IN RF BPS RF OUTDET 16 15 14 13 CD7613 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 AGC/AFC OUTIF QUAD/DET AM RF OUTP GND2 DCAF INAF CD7613 D7613 12 11 10 9 PIN Description PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DESCRIPT ION IF bypass AM/FM IF input RF ground AM IF outpu t AM OSC AM RF input RF bypass Audio DET output SYMBOL BPS I F IN I F GND 1 OUT M I X OSC A M IN R F BPS R F OUT D E T PIN 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 DESCRIPT ION Audio power Ripple Rejection Audio ground Audio power output Supply voltage IF DET input AM/FM IF output AFC AGC bypass SYMBOL IN A F DC A F GND 2 OUT P Vcc QUAD/DET OUT I F AGC/AFC ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25 ° C) Characteristic Supply Vo ltage Supply Current Power Diss ipation Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Operating Te mp erature Storage Temp erature Symbol Vcc Icc PD RJ-A Topr Tstg -18 -40 Min. Max. 13 44 600 100 65 125 Unit V mA mW ° C/W °C °C SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn 2/8 CHMC Silicore ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS CD7613 (Unless otherwise specified: Ta=25 ° C, Vcc=6V; FM: f=10.7MHz, ∆ f= ± 75kHz, fm=400Hz; AM: f=1MHz , Mod=30 %, fm=400Hz, Characteristic Quiescent circuit current Test conditions FM: Vcc=3V FM: Vcc=9V AM: Vcc=3V AM: Vcc=9V Pin 16 voltage DEC outpu t voltage Internal Regulated Voltage -3dB Limiting sensitivity Maximu m sensitivity Sensitivity Output power To tal harmonic distortion Vo ltage gain FM : Icc=42 mA Vi=0V AM: Vcc=9V Vi=0V FM: Vi=10mV V R =0 AM: Vi=1 mV V R =Vod AM: Icc=42mA V16 Vo d Vcc1 VLIM VISM VIS Po THD Gv 40 0.28 5.0 1.7 Icco PWR AMP:f=1kHz,R L =8 Ω ) Symbol Min. 7 10 3 6 2.0 1.4 170 60 12.5 13.2 2.4 Typ. 12 17 Max. 17 23 14 20 3.1 1.9 360 130 14.0 63 8.9 31.6 V mV V µV µV µV W % dB mA Unit FM: -3dB li miting V R =0 AM: Vod(8)=20 mV V R =Vod AM: S/N=20dB, V R =Vod PWR AMP: THD=10% PWR AMP: Vo=0.63V PWR AMP SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn 3/8 CHMC Silicore TEST CIRCUIT CD7613 SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn 4/8 CHMC Silicore APPLICATION CIRC […]

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CD7613 Datasheet

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