CL100 – NPN Silicon Planar Transistors

Part Number : CL100

Function : NPN Silicon Planar Transistors

Manufactures : CDIL

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Continental Device India Limited An IS/ISO 9002 and IECQ Certified Manufacturer IS/ISO 9002 Lic# QSC/L- 000019.2 NPN SILICON PLANAR TRANSISTORS CL 100, A, B CK 100, A, B TO-39 Metal Can Package CL100 And CK 100 Are Medium Power Transistors Suitable For Awide Range Of Medium Voltage And Current Amplifier Applications. Complementary CK100, A, B ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25ºC unless specified otherwise) Description SYMBOL VCER Collector -Emitter Voltage Collector -Base Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector Current-Continuous Power Dissipation @ Ta=25ºC Derate above 25ºC Total device dissipation @ Tc=25ºC Derate above 25ºC Operating And Storage Junction Temperature Range VCBO VEBO ICM PD PD Tj, Tstg VALUE 50 60 5 1 800 5.33 3 20 -55 to +175 UNITS V V V A mW mW /°C W mW /°C °C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25ºC unless specified otherwise) Description SYMBOL TEST CONDITION Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage BVCER – IC =10mA, IB =0 Collector Base Breakdown Voltage Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage Collector Leakage Current Emitter Leakage Current DC Current Gain Base Emitter On Voltage Collector Emitter (Sat) Voltage CLASSIFICATION HFE BVCBO BVEBO ICBO IEBO hFE – IC =100µA, IE =0 IE=100µA, IC=0 VCB=40V, IE=0 VEB=4V, IE=0 IC=150mA,VCE=10V MIN 50 60 5 TYP MAX UNIT V V V 50 1 40 300 0.9 0.6 nA µA V V VBE(on)- VCE=1V, IC=150mA, VCE(sat)- IC=150mA,IB=15mA A 40-120 B 100-300 *Pulse Condition : PW <300us, Duty Cycle < 2% Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 CL 100, A, B CK 100, A, B TO-39 Metal Can Package TO-39 Metal Can Package A B D G 2 1 3 PIN CONFIGURATION 1. EMITTER 2. BASE 3. COLLECTOR L H J 3 2 1 Packing Detail PACKAGE TO-39 STANDARD PACK Details Net Weight/Qty 500 pcs/polybag 540 gm/500 pcs INNER CARTON BOX Size Qty 3" x 7.5" x 7.5" 20K Data Sheet F All dimensions are in mm DIM A B C D E F G H J K L MIN MAX 8.50 9.39 7.74 8.50 6.09 6.60 0.40 0.53 — 0.88 2.41 2.66 4.82 5.33 0.71 0.86 0.73 1.02 12.70 — 42 DEG 48 DEG E K C OUTER CARTON BOX Size Qty Gr Wt 17" x 15" x 13.5" 32K 40 kgs Page 2 of 3 Continental Device India Limited Notes CL 100, A, B CK 100, A, B TO-39 Metal Can Package Disclaimer The product information and the selection guides facilitate selection of the CDIL's Discrete Semiconductor Device(s) best suited for application in your product(s) as per your requirement. It is recommended that you completely review our Data Sheet(s) so as to confirm that the Device(s) meet functionality parameters for your application. The information furnished in the Data Sheet and on the CDIL Web Site/CD is believed to be accurate and reliable. CDIL however, does not assume responsibility for inaccuracies or incomplete information. Furthermore, CDIL does not assume liability whatsoever, arising out of the application or use of any CDIL product; neither does it convey any license under its patent rights nor rights of others. These products are not designed for use in life saving/support applia [...]

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CL100 Datasheet

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