CLAA170EA07 – Display Module

Part Number : CLAA170EA07

Function : Display Module


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CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. Technical Specification To : YIH HSING ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Date : 2004.08.23 CLAA170EA 07 ACCEPTED BY APPROVED BY CHECKED BY PREPARED BY TFT-LCD Product Planning Management General Division Prepared by : TFT-LCD Product Planning Management General Division CHUNGHWA PICTUER TUBES, LTD. 1127 Hopin Rd., Padeh, Taoyuan, Taiwan 334, R.O.C. TEL: +886-3-3675151 FAX: +886-3-377-3001 Doc.No: CLAA170EA07-Yih Hsing-Ver1-2004/08/23 Issue Date: 2004/08/23 CPT Confidential /20 CLAA170EA07-Yih Hsing-Ver1-2004/08/23 CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., 1.OVERVIEW CLAA170EA07 is 17.0” color TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) module composed of LCD panel, driver ICs, control circuit and backlight. General specification are summarized in the following table: ITEM SPECIFICATION Display Area(mm) 337.920(H)x270.336(V) (17.0-inch diagonal) Number of Pixels 1280(H)x1024(V) Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.264(H)x0.264(V) Color Pixel Arrangement RGB vertical stripe Display Mode normally white, TN Number of Colors Brightness(cd/m^2) 16.2M(6 Bit+FRC) 300 cd/m2(Typ.)(Center point, Lamp current=7.0 mA) Viewing Angle 140/130(Typ.) Surface Treatment Anti-glare Electrical Interface LVDS , 2Ch Total Module Power(W) 20.0 (Typ.) Optimum Viewing Angle 6 o’clock Module Size(mm) 358.5(W)x296.5(H)x17.5(D) Module Weight(g) 2000(typ) Backlight Unit CCFL, 4 tables, edge-light(top*2/bottom*2) The LCD Products listed on this document are not suitable for use of aerospace equipment, submarine cables, nuclear reactor control system and life support systems. If customers intend to use these LCD products for above application or not listed in “Standard” as follows, please contact our sales people in advance. Standard: Computer, Office equipment, Communication equipment, Test and Measurement equipment, Machine tool, Industrial robot, Audio and Visual equipment, Other consumer products. 2. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ITEM SYMBOL Power Supply Voltage for LCD VCC Operation Temperature *1) Top Storage Temperature *1) Tstg Note: *1)Humidity 85%RH without condensation Relative Humidity 90% (Ta 40 ) Wet Bulb Temperature 39 (Ta 40 ) MIN. 0 0 -20 MAX. 6.5 50 60 UNIT V 90 (40,90) Operating Range 80 Storage Range 60 (50,50.4) 40 (60,27.7) 20 5 -20 0 20 40 50 60 Temperature(°C) CPT Confidential /20 CLAA170EA07-Yih Hsing-Ver1-2004/08/23 CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., 3. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (a)TFT-LCD ITEM Power Supply Voltage for LCD Power Supply Current for LCD Permissive Input Ripple Voltage Differential impedance Logic input Common Mode Voltag Voltage Differential Input LVDS:IN+ Voltage IN- Threshold Voltage(High) Threshold Voltage(Low) SYMBOL Vin Iin VRP Zm VCM |VID| VTH VTL I rush Current Irush MIN 4.5 90 1.125 250 – -100 [Note 1] VCC-turn-on conditions: t1 10ms 1 sec t5 0 t2 20ms 200ms t6 0 t3 50ms 200ms t7 0 t4 10ms 4.5V LCD Power Supply […]

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CLAA170EA07 Datasheet

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