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Function : TFT LCD


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Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. Technical Specification To : HUI YING TUNG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD Date : 2011/02/15 CPT TFT-LCD CLAA 215FA04 ACCEPTED BY: APPROVED BY Kevin Chen CHECKED BY Tristan Wang PREPARED BY Product Planning Management Division Prepared by: Design Division CHUNGHWA PICTUER TUBES, LTD. No. 1, Huaying Rd., Sanho Tsun, Lungtan Shiang, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 325, R.O.C. TEL: +886-3-4805678 FAX: +886-3-4800589 Doc. No: SPEC-CLAA215FA04_V4-HUIYING-Ver.4 Issue Date: 2011/02/15 CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., Table of Content NO Table of Content 1 OVERVIEW 2 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS 3 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 4 INTERFACE PIN CONNECTION 5 INTERFACE TIMING 6 BLOCK DIAGRAM 7 MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION 8 OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS 9 RELIABILITY TEST CONDITIONS 10 DESIGNATION OF LOT MARK 11 PACKING SPECIFICATION 12 HANDLING PRECAUTIONS FOR TFT-LCD MODULE Note P.3 P.4 P.5 P.8 P.9 P.12 P.13 P.15 P.18 P.19 P.20 P.22 ISO Datasheet No: T-3010004-008-F Datasheet Version.: 01 CHUNGHWA PICTUER TUBES, LTD. Page: 2/24 CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., 1. OVERVIEW CLAA215FA04_V4 is 21.5” color TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) module composed of LCD panel, driver ICs, control circuit and backlight. By applying 6bits+Hi-FRC digital data, 1920×1080, 16.7M-color images are displayed on the 21.5” diagonal screen. Input power voltage is 5.0V for LCD driving. Converter for backlight is not included in this module. General specification is summarized in the following table: ITEM Display Area(mm) Number of Pixels Pixel Pitch(mm) Color Pixel Arrangement Display Mode Number of Colors Brightness(cd/m^2) Viewing Angle(H/V) Surface Treatment Power consumption(W) Module Size(mm) Module Weight(g) Backlight Unit SPECIFICATION 476.64 (H) × 268.11 (V) (21.53-inch diagonal) 1920 (H) × 1080(V) 0.24825 (H) × 0.24825 (V) RGB vertical stripe Normally white, TN 16.7M(6bits+Hi-FRC) 250cd/m2 (Typ.)(center, 60mA) 170/160 (Typ.) Anti-glare, 3H 17.5W Without Converter(Typ.) 495.6 (W) × 292.2 (H) ×9.85(D) (Typ.) 1830g(Typ.) LED (White-LED) ISO Datasheet No: T-3010004-008-F Datasheet Version.: 01 CHUNGHWA PICTUER TUBES, LTD. Page: 3/24 CPT CHUNGHWA PICTURES TUBES, LTD., 2. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ITEM SYMBOL Power Supply Voltage for LCD VCC LED Forward voltage VF LED Forward current IF Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Top Tstg MIN. 0 2.9 57 0 -20 MAX. 6 3.6 63 50 60 UNIT V V mA ℃ ℃ REMARK 1). 2) 3). 4). 5). 7) 3). 4). 5). 7) [Note] 1).Product life-time relate to LED, please operate production follow statement at page 8 〝(2)back light〞. 2).When LED current over the definition of operating current ,product life-time will decay rapidly or operate unusual. 3)The relative temperature and humidity range are as below sketch, 90%RHMax.(Ta≦40℃). 4).The maximum wet bulb temperature ≦39℃(Ta>40℃) and without dewing. 5).If you use the product in an environment which over the definition of temperature and […]

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CLAA215FA04 Datasheet

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