Part Number : CM6800TX


Manufactures : Champion Microelectronic

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Description : CM6800T (Turbo-Speed PFC+Green PWM) EPA/85+ PFC+PWM COMBO CONTROLLER Design for High Efficient Power Supply GENERAL Description CM6800T is a turbo-speed PFC and a Green PWM controller. It is designed to further increase power supply efficiency while using the relatively lower 380V Bulk Capacitor value. Switching to CM6800T from your existing CM6800 family boards can gain the following advanced performances: 1.) Hold Up time can be increased ~ 30% from the existing 6800 power supply 2.) Turbo Speed PFC may reduce 420 Bulk Capacitor size 3.) 420V bulk capacitor value may be reduced and PFC Boost Capacitor ripple current can be reduced 4.) No Load Consumption can be reduced 290mW at 270VAC 5.) Better Power Factor and Better THD 6.) Clean Digital PFC Brown Out 7.) PWM transformer size can be smaller 8.) Superior Surge Noise Immunity 9.) To design 12V, 5V, and 3.3V output filters can be easy 10.) The stress over the entire external power device is reduced and EMI noise maybe reduced; PFC inductor core might be reduced 11.) Monotonic Output design is easy 12.) And more… Of course, the cost can be reduced CM6800T is pin to pin compatible with CM6800 family. Beside all the goodies in the CM6800, it is designed to meet the EPA/85+ regulation. With the proper design, its efficiency of power supply can easily approach 85%. To start evaluating CM6800T from the exiting CM6800, CM6800A, or ML4800 board, 6 things need to be taken care before doing the fine tune: 1.) Change RAC resistor (on pin 2, IAC) from the old value to a higher resistor value between 4.7 Mega ohm to 8 Mega ohm. Start with 6 Mega ohm for RAC first. 2.) Change RTCT pin (pin 7) from the existing value to RT=5.88K ohm and CT=1000pF to have fpfc=68Khz, fpwm=68Khz, frtct=272Khz for CM6800T 3.) Adjust all high voltage resistor around 5 mega ohm or higher. 4.) VRMS pin(pin 4) needs to be 1.14V at VIN=80VAC for universal input application from line input from 80VAC to 270VAC. 5.) At full load, the average Veao needs to around 4.5V and the ripple on the Veao needs to be less than 250mV when the load triggers the light load comparator. 6.) Soft Start pin (pin 5), the soft start current has been reduced from CM6800’s 20uA to CM6800T’s 10uA.Soft Start capacitor can be reduced to 1/2 from your original CM6800 capacitor. Features ‹ Patents Pending ‹ Pin to pin compatible with CM6802 family, CM6800 family, and ML4800 family ‹ 23V Bi-CMOS process ‹ Designed for EPA/85+ efficiency ‹ Digitized Exactly 50% Maximum PWM Duty Cycle ‹ All high voltage resistors can be greater than 4.7 Mega ohm (4.7 Mega to 8 Mega ohm) to improve the no load consumption ‹ Rail to rail CMOS Drivers with on, 60 ohm and off, 30 ohm for both PFC and PWM with two 17V zeners ‹ Fast Start-UP Circuit without extra bleed resistor to aid VCC reaches 13V sooner ‹ Low start-up current (55uA typ.) ‹ Low operating current (2.5mA typ.) ‹ 16.5V VCC shunt regulator ‹ Leading Edge Blanking for bot […]

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CM6800TX Datasheet

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