CS1100 – Powerline Networking Chipset

Part Number : CS1100

Function : Powerline Networking Chipset

Manufactures : ETC

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Piranha Powerline Networking Chipset The Piranha™ Piranha chipset consists of the CS1100 and the AD9875. The CS1100 is a single-chip HomePlug™ 1.0 compliant MAC/PHY for use in home powerline networking products. The CS1100 enables Ethernetclass networking over existing electrical wiring with full quality-of-service support and privacy ensured through encryption. The AD9875 HomePlug MixedSignal Front End is a low-power, low-cost converter for powerline communications. Target applications for the Piranha chipset include PC network adapters, residential gateways including set-top boxes, and a wide range of entertainment and communication devices. HomePlug 1.0 MAC/PHY • rate adaptive to 14 Mbps 0.18 micron CMOS process small footprint 100 pin LQFP integrated PLL low power 1.8V core Design for Manufacture • testability support – loopback at host interface, local and remote powerline nodes optional serial EEPROM – programmable in system JTAG Boundary scan Easy Product Integration • emulates Ethernet PHY flexible host interface: MII or 8-bit Peripheral 3.3 V I/Os (5V tolerant host I/F) glueless interface to highly integrated mixed-signal front end direct support for link status LEDs Mixed-Signal Front End • TX Path – 10 bit D/A, 100 MSPS – 2x oversampling digital low-pass filter simplifies reconstruction filter RX path – 10 bit A/D, 50 MSPS – -6 dB to 30 dB programmable gain amplifier • Flexible Processor-Based MAC supports multiple outstanding packets during segmentation and reassembly firmware is field-upgradeable and fully configurable from host (serial EEPROM not required) Piranha Product Brief Product Applications • powerline USB adapters powerline to Ethernet bridges powerline PCI NICs DSL/cable modems Residential Gateways • set-top boxes multi-room audio and MP3 jukeboxes VoIP telephones game consoles home security Product Description The Piranha powerline networking chipset can be easily integrated into many applications as illustrated below. Figure 1: Typical System Application Headquarters 144 Front Street West, Suite 600 Toronto, ON Canada M5J 2L7 Tel: 416-217-0250 Fax: 416-217-0256 fastnetworking@cogency.com North American Sales th 4695 MacArthur Court, 11 Floor Newport Beach, CA U.S.A 92660 Tel: 949-798-6100 Fax: 949-798-5550 na_sales@cogency.com International Sales 362 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 210 Ottawa, ON Canada K2K 2P5 Tel: 613-270-9300 Fax: 613-270-9995 row_sales@cogency.com © Copyright 2001 Cogency Semiconductor Inc. All rights reserved. The COGENCY name and logo and PIRANHA are trademarks of Cogency Semiconductor Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Features, pricing, availability and specifications are subject to change without notice. PN- 0108-00 N […]

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CS1100 Datasheet

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