CS2003CP PDF Datasheet – Seven Darlington Arrays

Part Number: CS2003CP

Function: Seven Darlington Arrays

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: TGS

Images:CS2003CP pinout datasheet


CS2003CP is a high-voltage, high-current Darlington tube array drive circuit, including seven groups of NPN Darlington tubes. The emitters of each group of Darlington tubes are connected together, and the collectors are open-circuited for output. Mainly used in driving relays, electric bell hammers, lighting equipment and LED display systems.

A Seven Darlington Array, commonly referred to as CS2003CP, is an integrated circuit (IC) that contains seven Darlington transistor pairs. Each Darlington pair consists of two transistors configured together to provide high current gain, making it suitable for driving inductive loads such as relays, motors, solenoids, and stepper motors.


1. A single channel sink current up to 500mA

2. Continuous output high voltage can be as low as 50V

3. Under the working condition of 5V, the output terminal can be directly connected to TTL and CMOS

4. Integrated clamping diode at the output

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CS2003CP PDF Datasheet