CS7054 – Low Side PWM FET Controller

Part Number : CS7054

Function : Low Side PWM FET Controller

Manufactures : Cherry Semiconductor Corporation

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Description :

CS7054 CS7054 Low Side PWM FET Controller Description The CS7054 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed primarily to control the rotor speed of permanent magnet, direct current (DC) brush motors. It drives the gate of an N channel power MOSFET or IGBT with a user-adjustable, fixed frequency, variable duty cycle, pulse width modulated (PWM) signal. The CS7054 can also be used to control other loads such as incandescent bulbs and solenoids. Inductive current from the motor or solenoid is recirculated through an external diode. The CS7054 accepts a DC level input signal of 0 to 5V to control the pulse width of the output signal. This signal can be generated by a potentiometer referenced to the onchip 5V linear regulator, or a filtered 0% to 100% PWM signal also referenced to the 5V regulator. The IC is placed in a sleep state by pulling the CTL lead below 0.5V. In this mode everything on the chip is shut down except for the on-chip regulator and the overall current draw is less than 275 µA. There are a number of on-chip diagnostics that look for potential failure modes and can disable the external power MOSFET. Features s 200 mA Peak PWM Gate Drive Output s Patented Voltage Compensation Circuit s 100% Duty Cycle Capability s 5V, ± 3% Linear Reg. s Low Current Sleep Mode s Overvoltage Protection s Over Current Protection of External MOSFET / IGBT s Output Inhibit Application Diagram Package Options MOT+ 14 Lead PDIP VBAT 42.5mH RS 51 1000mF 1000mF OUTPUT VCC Gnd PGnd FLT INH 1M 10mF RGATE 6 .01mF MOT- OUTPUT 1 Gnd 2 FLT 3 COSC 4 RCS1 CCS 51 .022mF RCS2 RSENSE 4mW 14 13 12 VCC PGnd INH CFLT COSC ROSC 105K .25mF 390pF COSC ROSC CTL NC IADJ ISENSE+ ISENSE- 11 IADJ 10 ISENSE+ 9 8 ROSC 5 CTL 6 NC 7 ISENSEVREG VREG 51 Input 10K 10K P1 100K N1 10K 10mF 10K 10K 10K Consult factory for 16 lead SO wide package. Cherry Semiconductor Corporation 2000 South County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818 Tel: (401)885-3600 Fax: (401)885-5786 Email: info@cherry-semi.com Web Site: www.cherry-semi.com Rev. 4/21/99 1 A ¨ Company CS7054 Absolute Maximum Ratings Storage Temperature -65ûC to 150ûC VCC -0.3V to 30V Supply Voltage Range (load dump = 26Vw/series 51½ resistor) VCC Peak Transient Voltage .40V Input Voltage Range (at any input) …-0.3V to 10V Maximum Junction Temperature ..150ûC ESD Capability (Human Body Model) .. […]

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CS7054 Datasheet

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