CX20671 Datasheet – Low-Power Codec SoC

This post explains for the semiconductor CX20671.

The Part Number is CX20671.

The function of this semiconductor is Low-Power Codec SoC.

Manufacturers : CONEXANT

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Vendor P/N is CX20671-21Z , Page. 10 Pin Define : Page. 18 Dimension : Page. 42 CX20671 Low-Power Codec SoC with Integrated Class-D Stereo Amplifier for High Definition Audio Data Sheet DSH-202291p1 July 2010 Free Datasheet http:/// Revision History Revision A B C D Date February 19, 2010 March 11, 2010 March 29, 2010 May 25, 2010 Initial release Description Revision B release Revision C release Revision D release *Changed all occurrences of Ns to ns (representing nanoseconds) in Tables 17-19. *Removed “Audio only” from Table 21. *Added SPDIF Out feature. *Added new bullet to the list on page 32, Section 2.5.1. *Changed EPSS-supported items in Sections 3.2.2- 3.2.14 from green to bold-type. Revision E release *Added further information to the second-to-thelast bullet (DVDD_3.3) on page 32. Preliminary p1 release *Updated to include information on -21Z devices. E May 27, 2010 p1 July 22, 2010 © 2010, Conexant Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Informa […]

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CX20671 Datasheet

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