CXA3810M PDF Datasheet – AC-DC Controller

Part Number: CXA3810M

Function: AC-DC Controller

Package: SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sony


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The CXA3810M has optimum configuration to realize various power supply circuits easily and compactly by including Power-factor correction, resonant controller and various protection function in one package. (Applications: Power supply circuit, etc.)


 Power-factor correction   Critical conduction mode PFC control Supports W/W input Start timer Maximum frequency limit (During overcurrent detection) Continuous overcurrent detection protection function Timer-latch over current protection Soft start function Adjustment minimum frequency limit Pulse over current load detection Adjacent 2-pin short protection Various protection functions including overvoltage and overcurrent AC off detection PFC-OK signal output  Resonant controller  Common Structure BiCMOS silicon monolithic IC Package 24-pin SOP Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This information does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any patents or other right. Application circuits shown, if any, are typical examples illustrating the operation of the devices. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of these circuits. -1- E10629 Free Datasheet http:/// CXA3810M Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Maximum supply voltage Pin voltage which operates with VCC as power supply Driver output pin voltage Power supply pin voltage for internal circuit Pin voltage which operates with VREF as power supply ZCD current Allowable power dissipation Operating ambient temperature range Junction temperature Storage temperature *1 Symbol VCC VCCIN VOUT VREF Rating 24.0 –0.3 to VCC + 0.3 –0.3 to VCC + 0.3 –0.3 to +7.0 Unit V V V V VCC Remarks AC_DETIN, AC_DETOUT, AC_VRMS, B_OK, MODE1, MODE2 PFC_OUT, RM_OUTP, RM_OUTN VREF PFC_OVP, PFC_CS, PFC_VAO, PFC_TONMAX, PFC_VSENSE, RM_OFFADJ, RM_RT, RM_SS, RM_CS1, RM_CS2, RM_FMIN PFC_ZCD (See the thermal derating curve.) VREFIN –0.3 to +7.0 7 *1 V Izcd PD Topt Tjmax Tstg mA mW C C C –30 to +125 +150 –55 to +150 Allowable power dissipation reduction characteristics 1000 Allowable power dissipation [mW] Operating ambient temperature Ta [˚C] Glass fabric base epoxy board 76mm × 114mm t = 1.6mm Recommended Operating Conditions Item Supply voltage (VCC system) Operating ambient temperature range Junction temperature Symbol VCC Topt Tj Rating 12.0 to 18.0 –25 to +85 –25 to +125 Unit V C C Remarks -2Free Datasheet http:/// CXA3810M Block Diagram VCC 19 AC_DETIN AC_VRMS 3 4 1MΩ VCC AC Input Detector VCC TSD EN 22 AC_DETOUT UVLO/TSD VCC VCC 50kΩ 50kΩ AC_VRMS 1.85V/1.65V PFC ON/OFF VBGR 17 VREF P […]


CXA3810M Datasheet