D13005MD Datasheet – NPN Transistor

This post explains for the semiconductor D13005MD.

The Part Number is D13005MD.

The function of this semiconductor is 3DD13005MD.

Manufacturers : JILIN SINO

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Description :

R NPN 型高压功率开关晶体管 HIGH VOLTAGE FAST-SWITCHING NPN POWER TRANSISTOR 3DD13005MD 主要参数 IC VCEO PC(TO-220HF) PC(TO-220) MAIN CHARACTERISTICS 4A 400V 35W 75W 封装 Package 用途 z z z z z 节能灯 电子镇流器 高频开关电源 高频功率变换 一般功率放大电路 Applications z Energy-saving ligh z Electronic ballasts z High frequency switching power supply z High frequency power transform z Commonly power amplifier 产品特性 z 高耐压 z 高电流容量 z 高开关速度 z 高可靠性 z 环保(RoHS)产品 Features z High breakdown voltage z High current capability z High switching speed z High reliability z RoHS product http://www.DataSheet4U.net/ 订货信息 ORDER MESSAGE 订 货 型 号 Order codes 3DD13005MD-O-HF-N-B 3DD13005MD-O-Z-N-C 印 记 否 否 无卤素 Halogen Free NO NO 封 装 包 装 Marking D13005MD D13005MD Package TO-220F TO-220 Packaging 条管 Tube 袋装 Bag 版本:200910C 1/6 R 3DD13005MD ABSOLUTE RATI […]

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D13005MD Datasheet

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