D2144 Datasheet – 20V, NPN Transistor – Rohm

This post explains for the semiconductor D2144.

The Part Number is D2144.

The function of this semiconductor is 2SD2144.

Manufacturers : Rohm

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D2144 image

Description :

Transistors High-current Gain Medium Power Transistor (20V, 0.5A) 2SD2114K / 2SD2144S FFeatures 1) High DC current gain. hFE = 1200 (Typ.) 2) High emitter-base voltage. VEBO = 12V (Min.) 3) Low VCE(sat). VCE(sat) = 0.18V (Typ.) (IC / IB = 500mA / 20mA) FStructure Epitaxial planar type NPN silicon transistor FExternal dimensions (Units: mm) (96-232-C107) 232 Transistors FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C) 2SD2114K / 2SD2144S FElectrical characteristics (Ta = 25_C) FPackaging specifications and hFE FElectrical characteristic curves hFE values are classified as follows : 233 Transistors 2SD2114K / 2SD2144S 234 Transistors 2SD2114K / 2SD2144S FRon measurement circuit 235 […]

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D2144 Datasheet

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