D2822 PDF Datasheet – Dual Power Amplifier

Part Number: D2822

Function: Dual Power Amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Shaoxing Silicore


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The D2822 is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Minidip package. It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette tape players and radios.


Dual Low-voltage power amplifier z Supply voltage down to 1.8V z Low crossover distortion Outline Drawing z Low quiescent current z Bridge or stereo configuration BLOCK DIAGRAM NF1 IN1 87 IN2 NF2 65 _+ BIAS CIRCUIT +_ 12 OUT1 Vcc 3 OUT2 4 GND PINNING OUTPUT(1) Vcc OUTPUT(2) GROUND 18 27 D2822 36 45 INPUT-(1) INPUT+(1) INPUT+(2) INPUT-(2) SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn CHMC 1/7 Silicore D2822 MAXIMUM RATINGS Characteristics Supply Voltage Output Peak Current Total Power Dissipation(at Tamb=50°C) Total Power Dissipation(at Tcase=50°C) Operating Ambient Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol Vcc Ipk PD PD Ta Tstg Va l u e 15 1 1 1.4 -20~70 -40~150 Unit V A W W °C °C


1. Stereo Test Circuit(Unless otherwise specified Vcc=6V,Ta mb=25°C) Characteristic Supply Voltage Quiescent Output Vo l t a g e Quiescent Drain Current Input Bias Current Output Power (Each Channel) Distortion Closed Loop Vo ltage Gain Channel Balance Input Resistance Total Input Noise Supply Voltage rejection Channel Separation Symbol Vcc Test Condition Vo Vcc=3V Min. Typ. Max. Unit 1.8 15 V 2.7 V 1.2 V Id 6 9 mA IBA Po THD d=10% f=1kHz Vcc=3V RL=4 Vcc=3V RL=32 d=10% f=1kHz Vcc=9V RL=8 Vcc=6V RL=4 Vcc=4.5V RL=4 Po=0.5W RL=8 f=1kHz Vcc=9V 100 110 20 1 0.4 0.65 0.32 0.3 nA mW W % Avf f=1kHz 40 dB ∆ Av f Ri VNI f=1kHz Rs=10k Rs=10k B=Cure A B=22Hz to22kHz 100 2 3 1 dB k V SVR f=100Hz C1=C2=100 F 24 30 dB CSR f=1kHz 50 dB SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn CHMC 2/7 Silicore D2822 2.Bridge Test Circuit (Unless otherwise specified Vcc=6V,Tamb=25°C) Characteristic Sym -bol Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Supply Vo ltage Vcc 1.8 15 V Quiescent Drain Current Output Offset Voltage (Between the Outputs) Input Bias Current Output Power Distortion Closed Loop Vo ltage Gain Input Resistance Id RL=∞ Vo s R L= 8 Ib d=10% f=1kHz Vcc=9V RL=16 Vcc=6V RL=8 Po Vcc=4.5V RL=8 Vcc=4.5V RL=4 Vcc=3V RL=4 Vcc=2V RL=4 THD Po=0.5W RL=8 f=1kHz Avf f=1kHz Ri f=1kHz 6 9 mA 50 mV 100 nA 2 1.35 0.7 1 200 350 80 0.2 40 100 W mW % dB k Total Input Noise Supply Voltage Rejection Power Bandwidth (-3dB) Rs=10k VNI Rs=10k Curve A B=22Hz to 22kHz SVR f=100Hz B RL=8 Po=1W 2.5 3 40 120 V dB kHz SHAOXING SILICORE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD www. Silicore. com. cn CHMC 3/7 Silicore D2822 TEST CIRCUIT 1.STEREO TEST CIRCUIT IN (L) R1 10K IN (R) R2 10K 100uF 100uF C3 10uF 7 + 8_ C1 6 + 5_ C2 +Vcc 2 0.1uF C4 470uF 1 C6 R3 RL 4.7 C5 470uF 0.1uF 3 C7 4 R4 4.7 RL 2.BRIDGE TEST CIRCUIT +Vcc 2 C3 10uF IN 7 R1 10K + – 6+ – 4 1 R2 8 4.7 C1 C4 0.1uF 3 10uF 5 C2 R3 4.7 C5 0.1uF RL 10nF SHAOXING SILI […]


D2822 Datasheet

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