D478 PDF Datasheet – 100V, MOSFET, Transistor (AOD478)

Part Number: D478, AOD478

Function: N-Ch, 100V, MOSFET

Package: TO-252 Type

Manufacturer: Alpha & Omega Semiconductors


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The D478, AOD478, AOI478 combines advanced trench MOSFET technology with a low resistance package to provide extremely low RDS(ON). This device is ideal for boost converters and synchronous rectifiers for consumer, telecom, industrial power supplies and LED backlighting.

Product Summary :

VDS ID (at VGS=10V) RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V) RDS(ON) (at VGS = 4.5V) 100% UIS Tested 100% Rg Tested 100V 11A < 140mΩ < 152mΩ Top View TO252 DPAK Bottom View D D Top View TO251A IPAK Bottom View D S G G S S D G Absolute Maximum Ratings TA=25°C unless otherwise noted Parameter Symbol Maximum Drain-Source Voltage VDS 100 Gate-Source Voltage VGS ±20 Continuous Drain TC=25°C Current TC=100°C Pulsed Drain Current C ID IDM 11 8 24 Continuous Drain TA=25°C Current TA=70°C Avalanche Current C Avalanche energy L=0.1mH C IDSM IAS, IAR EAS, EAR 2.5 2 10 5 TC=25°C Power Dissipation B TC=100°C PD 45 23 TA=25°C Power Dissipation A TA=70°C PDSM 2.1 1.3 Junction and Storage Temperature Range TJ, TSTG -55 to 175 G D S Thermal Characteristics Parameter Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A D Maximum Junction-to-Case t ≤ 10s Steady-State Steady-State Symbol RθJA RθJC Typ 17 55 2.7 Max 25 60 3.3 G S Units 1: Nov. 2011 www.aosmd.com Page 1 of 6 AOD478/AOI478 Electrical Characteristics (TJ=25°C unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units STATIC PARAMETERS BVDSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage IDSS Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current ID Qgd Gate Drain Charge 2.4 nC tD(on) Turn-On DelayTime 8 ns tr Turn-On Rise Time VGS=10V, VDS=50V, RL=8.6Ω, 3 ns tD(off) Turn-Off DelayTime RGEN=3Ω 17 ns tf Turn-Off Fall Time 4.5 ns trr Body Diode Reverse Recovery Time IF=4.5A, dI/dt=500A/µs 14.5 21 27.5 ns Qrr Body Diode Reverse Recovery Charge IF=4.5A, dI/dt=500A/µs 68 97 126 nC A. The value of RθJA is measured with the device mounted on 1in2 FR-4 board with 2oz. Copper, in a still air environmen […]

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D478 Datasheet