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DG2N60 N 沟道增强型场效应晶体管 N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE MOSFET 版本号:V1.0 产品概述 General Description DG2N60是N沟道增强型场效应晶体管,应用了东光微电的相关专利技术,采用自对准平 面工艺及先进的终端耐压技术,降低了导通损耗,提高了开关特性,增强了雪崩耐量。该 产品能应用于多种功率开关电路,使得电源能效更高,系统更加小型化。 DG2N60 is an N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET, which is produced using Dongguang Micro-electronics’s proprietary. The self-aligned planar process and improved terminal technology reduce the conduction loss, improve switching performance and enhance the avalanche energy. The transistor can be used in various power switching circuit for higher efficiency and system miniaturization. 主要参数 MAINCHARACTERISTICS VDSS ID RDS(ON) Crss 600 2 4.7 8.0 V A Ω pF 符号 Symbol 封装 Package 1 /11 绝对最大额定值 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25℃) 参数名称 Parameter 漏极-源极直流电压 Drain-Source Voltage 连续漏极电流 Continues Drain Current 最大脉冲漏极电流 (注 1) Plused Drain Current (note1) 最高栅源电压 Gate-to-Source Voltage 单脉冲雪崩能量 (注2) Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy (note2) 雪崩电流 (注 1) Avalanche Current (note1) 重复雪崩能量 (注 1) Repetitive Avalanche Energy (note1) 二极管反向恢复最大电压变化速率 (注3) Peak Diode Recovery (note3) 耗散功率 Power Dissipation 耗散功率减额因子 Power Dissipation Derating Factor 最高结温及存储温度 Operating and Storage Temperature Range 引线最高焊接温度 Maximum Temperature for Soldering 符号 Symbol VDSS Tc=25℃ ID Tc=100℃ IDM VGS EAS IAR EAR dv/dt Tc=P2D5℃ AboPvDe(D2F5) ℃ TO-251/TO-252 TO-220 TO-220F TO-126 TO-251/TO-252 TO-220 TO-220F TO-126 TJ,TSTG TL 数值 Value 600 2- 1.3- 6 ±30 120 2.0 10 4.5 44 54 23 39 0.39 0.8 0.26 0.31 150,-55~+150 300 单位 Unit V A A V mJ A mJ V/ns W W/℃ ℃ ℃ 热特性 THERMAL CHARACTERIASTIC 参数名称 Parameter 结到管壳的热阻 Thermal Resistance,Junction to Case 结到环境的热阻 Thermal Resistance,Junction to Ambient 符号 Symbol TO-251/TO-252 Rth(j-c) Rth(j-A) TO-220 TO-220F TO-126 TO-251/TO-252 TO-220 TO-220F TO-126 – 漏极电流由最高结温限制 – Drain current limited by maximum junction temperature 2 /11 最大 Max 2.87 2.32 5.5 3.2 110 62.5 62.5 89 单位 Unit W W/℃ 电特性 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 关断特性 Off-Characteristics 参数名称 Parameter 漏极-源极击穿电压 Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage 击穿电压温度特性 Breakdown Voltage Temperature Coefficient 符号 Symbol BVDSS △ BVDSS/ △TJ 零栅压下漏极漏电流 Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current IDSS 正向栅极体漏电流 Gate-body leakage current, forward 反向栅极体漏电流 Gate-body leakage current, reverse IGSSF IGSSR 测试条件 Tests Condit […]

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