DL0165R Datasheet – Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch

This post explains for the semiconductor DL0165R.

The Part Number is DL0165R.

The function of this semiconductor is FSDL0165R.

Manufacturers : Fairchild Semiconductor

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Description :

www.fairchildsemi.com FSDL0165RN Features Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM) • Internal Avalanche Rugged Sense FET • Consumes only 0.65W at 240VAC & 0.3W load with Advanced Burst-Mode Operation • Frequency Modulation for low EMI • Precision Fixed Operating Frequency • Internal Start-up Circuit • Pulse by Pulse Current Limiting • Abnormal Over Current Protection • Over Voltage Protection • Over Load Protection • Internal Thermal Shutdown Function • Auto-Restart Mode • Under Voltage Lockout • Low Operating Current (3mA) • Adjustable Peak Current Limit • Built-in Soft Start OUTPUT POWER TABLE 230VAC ±15%(3) PRODUCT FSDL321 FSDH321 FSDL0165RN FSDM0265RN FSDH0265RN FSDL0365RN FSDM0365RN FSDL0165RL FSDM0265RL FSDH0265RL FSDL0365RL FSDM0365RL Adapter(1) 11W 11W 13W 16W 16W 19W 19W 13W 16W 16W 19W 19W Open Frame(2) 17W 17W 23W 27W 27W 30W 30W 23W 27W 27W 30W 30W 85-265VAC Adapter(1) 8W 8W 11W 13W 13W 16W 16W 11W 13W 13W 16W 16W Ope […]

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DL0165R Datasheet

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