EPW50-48A-E PDF – Power Module, EPW5048A-E

Part Number : EPW50-48A-E

Function : Power Module

Manufactures : Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd

Images :

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Description :

The module is hot-swappable. The damaged module can be replaced during the system operation. Locate the module pins in the backboard socket when replacing the module. Check whether the pins are bent or skew when the module can not be inserted into the
socket properly.


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Features :

EPW50-48A-E power module (module for short) uses soft-switching and input / output soft start-up technology. Its output can be regulated through monitoring. Multiple modules can be paralleled to share the load.

(1) Dimensions (H × W × D) :

88.2mm × 102.8mm (105.5mm with enclosure) × 242.3mm (excluding socket dimension)

(2) Weight: < 2.8kg

EPW50-48A-E Datasheet