FDS100CA100 Datasheet – DIODE MODULE

This post explains for the semiconductor FDS100CA100.

The Part Number is FDS100CA100.

The function of this semiconductor is (FDS100CA100 / FDS100CA120) DIODE MODULE.

Manufacturers : SanRex Corporation

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Description :

DIODE MODULE F.R.D. FDS100CA100/120 UL;E76102 M FDS100CA is a high speed (fast recovery) diode module designed for high power switching application. FDS100CA is suitable for high frequency application requiring low loss and high speed control. High Speed trr 300ns IF AV 100A each device Isolated mounting construction. High Surge Capability Applications Switching Power Supply. Inverter Welding Power Supply Power Supply for Telecommunication 26MAX 3 93.5MAX 80 2 + – 1 2- 6.5 13 ~ 16.5 23 23 3M5 30MAX 21 Unit Maximum Ratings Symbol VRRM VR DC Tj 25 Item Ratings FDS100CA100 1000 800 Conditions D.C. TC 78 1 unless otherwise specified Unit V V Ratings 100 2000 16600 40 to 40 to 150 125 V N m f B g Unit A A A2S FDS100CA120 1200 960 Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage D.C. Reverse Voltage Item Forward Current Surge Forward Current I2t Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Isolation Breakdown Voltage R.M.S. Mounting Torque Mass Mounting M6 Termi […]

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FDS100CA100 Datasheet

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