FMGG26 PDF – 600V, Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: FMGG26, FMG-G26S

Function: 600V, Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier, Diode

Manufacturer: Sanken electric

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FMGG26 is Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier. ( Diode ). An Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier (UFRR) is a type of semiconductor diode designed to have an extremely fast reverse recovery time compared to standard rectifier diodes. Reverse recovery time refers to the time it takes for a diode to switch from the conducting (forward-biased) state to the non-conducting (reverse-biased) state when the polarity of the voltage across the diode is reversed.

1. Fast Recovery Time: The defining feature of UFRRs is their exceptionally fast reverse recovery time, often measured in nanoseconds (ns) or less. This fast switching capability minimizes switching losses and reduces the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) in high-frequency applications.

2. High-Frequency Operation: UFRRs are well-suited for high-frequency applications where rapid switching is required. They are commonly used in switching power supplies, high-frequency inverters, and high-speed rectification circuits.

3. Low Forward Voltage Drop: UFRRs typically have a lower forward voltage drop (forward voltage) than standard rectifiers. This characteristic helps reduce conduction losses and improves overall efficiency in power conversion applications.


FMGG26 datasheet rectifier

FMGG26 PDF Datasheet