GSL3680 PDF – Capacitive Touchscreen Controller ( Datasheet )

Part Number: GSL3680

Function: Capacitive Touchscreen Controller

Package: QFN64 Type

Manufacturer: Silead


GSL3680 pinout datasheet


The GSL3680 uses a unique mutual capacitance sensing technology. It can measure up to 192 nodes in 1ms.

The device supports a wide selection of sensors including single or double layer ITO, glass or thin film, strip or diamond or its variants sensor patterns, thin or thick ITO layers.

GSL3680 is advanced anti-electromagnetic interference signal processing technology makes it completely immune to various interferences including LCD, RF, power supply and environment.


1. Strong immunity to RF, LCD and power interference
2. Perfect comfort and soft touch
3. Automatic screen adjustment and automatic calibration

Number of channels :

1. Up to 31×20
2. Detect up to 10 touch points simultaneously
3. Programmable scan order

Zero number of additional components :

1. Only supply bypass capacitors

Signal processing :

1. Advanced anti-electromagnetic interference signal processing, software and hardware co-processing
2. Self-calibration
3. Large area water and face touch suppression
4. Supports resolution up and down scaling to match LCD resolution
5. Supports X,Y axis mirror flip and 90,270 degree rotation mo […]

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GSL3680 Datasheet