HS2272C-YX PDF – Remote Control Decoder ASIC, HS2272

Part Number: HS2272C-YX

Function: Remote Control Decoder ASIC

Package: DIP 18, SOP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: ETC

Image and pinouts :

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The HS2272, HS2272C-YX is a remote control decoding ASIC paired with HS2260. Manufactured in CMOS process, it has a maximum of 12-bit three-state address pins, which can support encoding of up to 531441 (or 312) addresses. The possibility of code collisions and illegal scanning of codes to match is thus greatly reduced. […]


1. Low power consumption and strong noise suppression capability

2. Up to 12-bit tri-state address pins or 6-bit data pins

3. An oscillator circuit with an external resistor

4. There are latch type and transient output type


1. Home Car Security System

2. Garage Control

3. Remote control toys, remote control fans

4. Other industrial or home remote control

HS2272C-YX Datasheet