HST-0041SAR Datasheet – 10/100Base-T TRANSFORMER

This post explains for the semiconductor HST-0041SAR.

The Part Number is HST-0041SAR.

The function of this semiconductor is 10/100Base-T TRANSFORMER.

Manufacturers : ETC

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Description :

承 RoHS 客户名称 CUSTOMER 认 书 SPECIFICATION FOR APPROVAL 客户料号 MODEL NO 产品名称 PART NAME 10/100Base-T TRANSFORMER HST-0041SAR A1 制 图: DRAWING BY 产品型号 PART TYPE 版 本 REV 签 名 SIGNATURE 审 核: CHECKED BY 批 准: APPROVED BY 客户承认 CUSTOMER APPROVAL 承认印: SIGNET 签 名: SIGNATURE 1 of 5 HST-0041SAR Revision History: Revision A0 A1 Revision Descriptions Quotation Release New release Drawing by Checked by Approved by Issued date DGY DGY Jiang Wang Jiang Wang Peter Lee Peter Lee 2008-11-1 2010-12-6 2 of 5 10/100 BASE MODULES 10/100 BASE TRANSFORMER Features: ● Designed to meet IEEE 802.3 requirements. Primary inductance(Lp)350uH min.@ 100KHz,0.1Vrms,8mA . Designed for reflow soldering at temperatures up to 260℃. RoHS compliance. ● Specifications: at 25 ℃. Part NO Turns Ratio TX HST-0041SAR 1:1 RX 1:1 Insertion Ioss (dB Max) 1-100 -1.1 30 -18 Return Ioss (dB Min) 60 -14 Operating Tempera […]

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HST-0041SAR Datasheet

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