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Manufactures : Himax

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HX8806 Data Sheet TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER Preliminary Version 0.2 October, 2003 Himax Technologies, Inc. 1F, No.12, Nanke 8th Road, Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Tainan County, Taiwan 741, R.O.C. TEL: 886-6-505-0880 FAX: 886-6-505-0891 DOC No:HX8806-17 HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER PRELIMINARY October, 2003, Version 0.2 1. General Description The HX8806 is a timing controller for small panel TFT-LCD. It provides horizontal and vertical control timing to TFT-LCD source and gate drivers. Built-in vertical synchronization detection circuit generates vertical synchronization signal internally without the extra components. Built-in phase lock loop sub-function with external VCO and low pass filter produces system clock which synchronizes input composite synchronization signal. HX8806 also provides 8 different zoom in/zoom out display modes for 2 different display resolutions. 2. Features Programmable resolution mode. Master clock frequency: 30 MHz max. Built-in vertical sync. detection to omit the external sync. separator. Supply voltage: +5.0V or +3.3V. Shift clock signals for the source driver (3-φ Clock). Line inversion driving scheme. Support NTSC/PAL TV system. Provides control timings for source and gate drivers. Provides flip and mirror scan control. Built-in zoom in/zoom out display mode selection. 48 pins LQFP. Version 0.2 Himax Technologies, Inc. 1 3. Block Diagram HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER PDO D_MODE CV S External VS Seperator VS EXT_V S LPF VCO Frequency Divider and Phase Detector Composite Sync. Processing Equalization Remover Internal Vertical Sync. Detection VS_DET Vertical Sync. Processing Field Detection NTSC/PAL Detction VCO_CLK Horizontal Timing Control Vertical Timing Control Vertical Decimation Vertical Duplication HX8806 EXT_NPC NPC DCHPHS1,2, 3 STHR(L) OEH OEV CKV HZ_OUT MODE_OUT LRC ZX1 ZX2 ZX3 RES DVS STVU(D) V COM NVCOM Field DS DS_EN UDC Version 0.2 Himax Technologies, Inc. 2 4. Pin Assignment HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER VCO_CLK_OUT 25 VCO_CLK_IN 26 DVS 27 N.C. 28 HWRESETZ 29 VS 30 UDC_INV 31 N.C. 32 N.C. 33 DHS 34 CVS 35 GND 36 UDC 37 N.C. 38 LRC 39 LRC_INV 40 N.C. 41 EXT_VS 42 NPC 43 VCOM 44 EXT_NPC 45 HS_REF_FBO 46 HS_REF_FBI 47 VCC 48 HX8806A (48-pin LQFP) 24 VCC2 23 GND 22 ZX3 21 ZX2 20 ZX1 19 CPH3 18 CPH2 17 CPH1 16 CKV 15 PDO 14 STHR 13 STHL 12 VCC 11 STVU 10 STVD 9 RES 8 MOD_OUT 7 GND 6 N.C. 5 N.C. 4 OEV 3 OEH 2 HZ_OUT 1 NVCOM Version 0.2 Himax Technologies, Inc. 3 HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER 5. Pin Description Pin no. 1 Symbol NVCOM I/O Description O Inverter output of VCOM 2 HZ_OUT O Zoom in control signal 3 OEH O Source driver output enable control signal 4 OEV O Gate driver output enable control signal 5 N.C. 6 N.C 7 GND Ground 8 MOD_OUT O Simultaneous/sequential sampling control setting of LCD. 9 Resolution mode setting pin RES I RES=”H”, 1440 resolution mode RES=”L”, 1200 resolution mode Start pulse for gate driver. 10 STVD O (1) ST […]

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HX8806 Datasheet

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