Part Number: HX8806


Package: 48 pins LQFP Type

Manufacturer: Himax


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The HX8806 is a timing controller for small panel TFT-LCD. It provides horizontal and vertical control timing to TFT-LCD source and gate drivers. Built-in vertical synchronization detection circuit generates vertical synchronization signal internally without the extra components. Built-in phase lock loop sub-function with external VCO and low pass filter produces system clock which synchronizes input composite synchronization signal. The device also provides 8 different zoom in/zoom out display modes for 2 different display resolutions.

Himax Technologies, Inc. 1F, No.12, Nanke 8th Road, Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Tainan County, Taiwan 741, R.O.C. TEL: 886-6-505-0880 FAX: 886-6-505-0891 DOC No:HX8806-17 HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER PRELIMINARY October, 2003, Version 0.2 1.


Programmable resolution mode. Master clock frequency: 30 MHz max. Built-in vertical sync. detection to omit the external sync. separator. Supply voltage: +5.0V or +3.3V. Shift clock signals for the source driver (3-φ Clock). Line inversion driving scheme. Support NTSC/PAL TV system. Provides control timings for source and gate drivers. Provides flip and mirror scan control. Built-in zoom in/zoom out display mode selection. . Version 0.2 Himax Technologies, Inc. 1 3. Block Diagram HX8806 TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER PDO D_MODE CV S External VS Seperator VS EXT_V S LPF VCO Frequency Divider and Phase Detector Composite Sync. Processing Equalization Remover Internal Vertical Sync. Detection VS_DET Vertical Sync. Processing Field Detection NTSC/PAL Detction VCO_CLK Horizontal Timing Control Vertical Timing Control Vertical Decimation Vertical Duplication HX8806 EXT_NPC NPC DCHPHS1,2, 3 S GND 6 N.C. 5 N.C. 4 OEV 3 OEH 2 HZ_OUT 1 NVCOM Version 0.2 Himax Technologies, Inc. TFT-LCD AV CONTROLLER 5. Pin Description Pin no. 1 Symbol NVCOM I/O Description O Inverter output of VCOM 2 HZ_OUT O Zoom in control signal 3 OEH O Source driver output enable control signal 4 OEV O Gate driver output enable control signal 5 N.C. 6 N.C 7 GND Ground 8 MOD_OUT O Simultaneous/sequential sampling control setting of LCD. 9 Resolution mode setting pin RES I RES=”H”, 1440 resolution mode RES=”L”, 1200 resolution mode Start pulse for gate driver. 10 STVD O (1) ST […]

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