Part Number : IMX29F002

Function : 2M-BIT [256K x 8] CMOS FLASH MEMORY

Manufactures : Macronix International

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MX29F002/002N 2M-BIT [256K x 8] CMOS FLASH MEMORY Features • • • 262,144x 8 only Fast access time: 55/70/90/120ns Low power consumption – 30mA maximum active current(5MHz) – 1uA typical standby current Programming and erasing voltage 5V ± 10% Command register architecture – Byte Programming (7us typical) – Sector Erase (16K-Byte x1, 8K-Byte x 2, 32K-Byte x1, and 64K-Byte x 3) Auto Erase (chip & sector) and Auto Program – Automatically erase any combination of sectors or the whole chip with Erase Suspend capability. – Automatically programs and verifies data at specified address Erase Suspend/Erase Resume – Suspends an erase operation to read data from, or program data to, a sector that is not being erased, then resumes the erase operation. Status Reply – Data polling & Toggle bit for detection of program and erase cycle completion. Sector protection – Hardware method to disable any combination of sectors from program or erase operations – Sector protect/unprotect for 5V only system or 5V/ 12V system 100,000 minimum erase/program cycles Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1 to VCC+1V Boot Code Sector Architecture – T = Top Boot Sector – B = Bottom Boot Sector Hardware RESET pin(only for 29F002T/B) – Resets internal state machine to read mode Low VCC write inhibit is equal to or less than 3.2V Package type: – 32-pin PDIP – 32-pin PLCC – 32-pin TSOP (Type 1) 20 years data retention GENERAL Description The MX29F002T/B is a 2-mega bit Flash memory organized as 256K bytes of 8 bits only. MXIC’s Flash memories offer the most cost-effective and reliable read/write nonvolatile random access memory. The MX29F002T/B is packaged in 32-pin PDIP,PLCC and 32-pin TSOP(I). It is designed to be reprogrammed and erased in-system or instandard EPROM programmers. The standard MX29F002T/B offers access time as fast as 55ns, allowing operation of high-speed microprocessors without wait states. To eliminate bus contention, the MX29F002T/B has separate chip enable (CE) and output enable (OE) controls. MXIC’s Flash memories augment EPROM functionality with in-circuit electrical erasure and programming. The MX29F002T/B uses a command register to manage this functionality. The command register allows for 100% TTL level control inputs and fixed power supply levels during erase and programming, while maintaining maximum EPROM compatibility. MXIC’s Flash technology reliably stores memory contents even after 100,000 erase and program cycles. The MXIC cell is designed to optimize the erase and programming mechanisms. In addition, the combination of advanced tunnel oxide processing and low internal electric fields for erase and programming operations produces reliable cycling. The MX29F002T/B uses a 5.0V ± 10% VCC supply to perform the High Reliability Erase and auto Program/Erase algorithms. The highest degree of latch-up protection is achieved with MXIC’s proprietary non-epi process. Latch-up protection is prove […]

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IMX29F002 Datasheet

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