ISL95836 Datasheet – 3+2 Voltage Regulator

This post explains for the semiconductor ISL95836.

The Part Number is ISL95836.

The function of this semiconductor is 3+2 Voltage Regulator.

Manufacturers : Intersil

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Description :

PRELIMINARY 3+2 Voltage Regulator for IMVP-7/VR12™ CPUs ISL95836 Compliant with IMVP-7/VR12™, the ISL95836 provides a complete solution for microprocessor and graphic processor core power supply. It provides two Voltage Regulators (VRs) with three integrated gate drivers. The first VR can be configured as 3-, 2- or 1-phase VR while the second VR could be configured as 2- or 1-phase VR, providing maximum flexibility. The two VRs share the serial control bus to communicate with the CPU and achieve lower cost and smaller board area compared with the two-chip approach. Features • Serial Data Bus • Dual Outputs: – Configurable 3-, 2- or 1-phase for the 1st Output using 2 integrated Gate Drivers – Configurable 2- or 1-phase for the 2nd Output using an Integrated Gate Driver • 0.5% System Accuracy Over-Temperature • Supports Multiple Current Sensing Methods – Lossless Inductor DCR Current Sensing – Precision Resistor Current Sensing • Differential Remote Voltage Sensing • Pr […]

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ISL95836 Datasheet

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