IT8208M – Extended PCI Arbiter

Part Number : IT8208M

Function : Extended PCI Arbiter

Manufactures : ITE

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IT8208M Extended PCI Arbiter Preliminary Specification V0.3 datasheet pdf – Copyright © 2002 ITE, Inc. This is Preliminary document release. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The material contained in this document supersedes all previous documentation issued for the related products included herein. Please contact ITE, Inc. for the latest document(s). All sales are subject to ITE’ s Standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is included in the back of this document. ITE, IT8208M is a trademark of ITE, Inc. All other trademarks are claimed by their respective owners. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Additional copies of this manual or other ITE literature may be obtained from: ITE, Inc. Marketing Department 8F, No. 233-1, Bao Chiao Rd., Hsin Tien, Taipei County 231, Taiwan, R.O.C. ITE (USA) Inc. Marketing Department 1235 Midas Way Sunnyvale, CA 94086 U.S.A. ITE (USA) Inc. Eastern U.S.A. Sales Office 896 Summit St., #105 Round Rock, TX 78664 U.S.A. Phone: Fax: (02) 2912-6889 (02) 2910-2551, 2910-2552 Phone: Fax: (408) 530-8860 (408) 530-8861 Phone: Fax: (512) 388-7880 (512) 388-3108 If you have any marketing or sales questions, please contact: Lawrence Liu, at ITE Taiwan: E-mail:, Tel: 886-2-2912-6889 X6071, Fax: 886-2-26578561 David Lin, at ITE U.S.A: E-mail:, Tel: (408) 530-8860 X238, Fax: (408) 530-8861 Don Gardenhire, at ITE Eastern USA Office: E-mail: Tel: (512) 388-7880, Fax: (512) 388-3108 To find out more about ITE, visit our World Wide Web at: Or e-mail for more product information/services. datasheet pdf – Revision History Revision History Section 6 Revision • The MAX. value of VIL in section 6 DC Characteristics was revised to “VCC x 0.3”. • The MAX. value of VIH has been removed. Page No. 11 1 IT8208M V0.3 datasheet pdf – Contents Contents 1. Features 1 2. General Description . 3 3. Block Diagram .. 5 4. Pin Configuration.. 7 5. IT8208M Pin Descriptions […]

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IT8208M Datasheet

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