JC201DC PDF Datasheet – AC Solid State Relay

Part Number: JC201DC

Function: AC Solid State Relay

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Jelsystem ( http://www.jelsystem.co.jp )


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This is AC Solid State Relay. JC SERIES J C 2 0 1 D C Tope Co., Ltd. Tel: (02) 8228-0658 Fax: (02) 8228-0659 http://www.sensor.com.tw e-mail: tope@ms1.hinet.net 178 S3C-215WDV, JC201DN, S3C-225WDV JC201DC JEL http://www.jelsystem.co.jp E-mail:ssr@jelsystem.co.jp 179 JC201DN, Item Symbols Units General Input Output Item Symbols Condition MIN TYP MAX Units http://www.jelsystem.co.jp General Input Output E-mail:ssr@jelsystem.co.jp  […]


1. Dielectric strength between input and output VISO = 4,000Vrms.

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JC201DC Datasheet

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