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Manufactures : SUM

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SUM DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER JRC4580 DESCRIPTION JRC4580 is the dual operational amplifier, specially designed for improving the tone control, which is most suitable for the audio application. Featuring noiseless, higher gain bandwidth, high output current and low distortion ratio, and it is most suitable not only for acoustic electronic part of audio pre-amp and active filter, but also for the industrial measurement tools. It is also suitable for the head phone amp at higher output current. And further more, it can be applied for the handy type set operational amplifier of general purpose in application of low voltage single supply type which is properly biased of the input low voltage source. Outline Drawing F E AT U R E z Operating Vo ltage (±2V~±16V) z Low Input Noise Vo ltage (0.8µVrms Typ.) z Wide Gain Bandwidth Product (15mhz Typ.) z Low Distortion (0.0005% Typ.) z Slew Rate (5V/µA Typ.) z Package Outline DIP8 SIP8 SOP8 z Bipolar Technology SUM 1/5 SUM EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT V+ -INPUT +INPUT JRC4580 PIN CONFIGURATION 1 A 2 -+ 8 PIN FUNCTION 1 A OUTPUT 2 A -INPUT 7 3 A +INPUT 3 +B – 4 V6 5 B +INPUT 6 B -INPUT 4 5 7 B OUTPUT 8 V+ OUTPUT A -+ +B – 12 34 56 78 V- ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25°C) Characteristic Supply Vo ltage Input Vo ltage Differential Input Voltage Output Current Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol V + / V- VIC VID Ic PD Ta m b Ts t g Va l u e ±16 ±15 ±30 ±50 800 -40~85 -40~125 Unit V V V mA mW °C °C SUM 2/5 SUM JRC4580 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified: Ta=25°C, V+/V-=±15V) Parameter Symbol Test condition Min Typ Max Unit Input Offset Vo ltage VIO Rs ≤ 10kΩ 0.5 3 mV Input Offset Current IIO 5 200 nA Input Bias Current IB 100 500 nA Larg e Signal Vo ltage Gain Av RL ≥ 2 k Ω Vo = ±1 0 V 9 0 110 dB Output Vo ltage Swing Input Common Mode Voltage Range Common Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Vo ltage Rejection Ratio Operating Current VOM VICM CMR SVR Icc RL ≥ 2kΩ Rs ≤ 10kΩ Rs ≤ 10kΩ ±12 ±13.5 ±12 ±13.5 80 110 80 110 6 9 V V dB dB mA Slew Rate SR RL ≥ 2kΩ 5 V/µA Gain Bandwidth Product GB f=10kHz 15 MHz Total Harmonic Distortion Input Noise Vo ltage THD VNI Av=20dB Vo=5V f=1kHz RL =2kΩ RIAA Rs=2.2kΩ 30kHzLPF 0.0005 0.8 % µVrms SUM 3/5 SUM CHARACTERISTICS CURVES JRC4580 SUM 4/5 SUM JRC4580 SUM 5/5 […]

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JRC4580 Datasheet

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