K2333 Datasheet – 700V, 6A, Nch, MOSFET

This post explains for the semiconductor K2333.

The Part Number is K2333.

The function of this semiconductor is 2SK2333.

Manufacturers : Shindengen

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K2333 image

Description :

SHINDENGEN HVX-2 Series Power MOSFET N-Channel Enhancement type ( F6F70HVX2 ) 700V 6A Features Input capacitance (Ciss) is small. Especially, input capacitance at 0 biass is small. The static Rds(on) is small. The switching time is fast. Avalanche resistance guaranteed. APPLICATION Switching power supply of AC 240V input High voltage power supply Inverter 2SK2333 OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : FTO-220 (Unit : mm) RATINGS œAbsolute Maximum Ratings iTc = 25Žj Item Symbol T stg Storage Temperature T ch Channel Temperature VDSS Drain-Source Voltage VGSS Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain CurrentiDC j ID I DP Continuous Drain CurrentiPeak) IS Continuous Source CurrentiDC j PT Total Power Dissipation I AR Repetitive Avalanche Current Single Avalanche Energy EAS Repetitive Avalanche Energy EAR Vdis Dielectric Strength TOR Mounting Torque Conditions Ratings -55`150 150 700 }30 6 18 6 50 6 190 19 2 0.5 Unit Ž V A W A mJ kV N¥m Pulse width…10Ês, Duty cycle…1/100 T c […]

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K2333 Datasheet

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