KBC1122 PDF – Keyboard/System Management Controller

Part Number : KBC1122


Package : DQFN 156 Pin Type

Manufactures : SMSC Corporation

Images :

KBC1122 pdf datasheet

Description :

The KBC1122 is an integrated Keyboard/System Management Controller which incorporates a high-performance 8051 Micro-Controller, an LPC Bus Interface which provides a Firmware Hub Interface and integrated Super I/O/LPC Resources. The device is powered by two separate supply planes (VCC1, VCC0) to provide “instant on” and sophisticated system power management functions. The KBC1122 power control circuitry supports multiple low power-down modes.

Features :

1. 3.3V Operation with 5V Tolerant Buffers

2. ACPI 1.0b/2.0 and PC99a/PC2001 Compliant

3. LPC Interface with Clock Run Support

4. Host Flash Address Redirection for Recovery

5. Serial Flash Programming Interface



KBC1122 Datasheet