KC8801 Datasheet – PNP Transistor

This post explains for the semiconductor KC8801.

The Part Number is KC8801.

The function of this semiconductor is PNP Transistor.

Manufacturers : Cheng Technology

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Description :

KC8801 and peripheral PNP transistors can form a DC pulse width modulation circuit. When the control input PIN2 (IN) is entered one A period of 20ms, pulse width of 1.0-2.0ms variable pulse, the corresponding bridge PWM circuit can output a positive – negative can Reverse drive voltage. When the input pulse width is 1.5ms when the zero, then the bridge circuit of the transistor output of a 2.5v or so Called the voltage, so that the average voltage on the load is zero. When the input pulse width increases (decreases), one side of the bridge circuit (or The other side) begins to turn on. The turn-on time is proportional to the difference between the input pulse width and the zero point (1.5ms). When the pulse width is 2.0ms load The voltage on the voltage is close to + Vcc. And the pulse width of 1.0ms, the load voltage close to-Vcc. When the input pulse width is zero (1.5ms), If the output is not zero, adjust the PIN11 pin potential, to restore zero. With this feature, bridge circuits can be used Driving a mechanical position sensor (potentiometer), forming a position closed loop, thus forming a position controller. […]

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KC8801 Datasheet