Part Number: KMN9W000RM-B205

Function: 2GB eMMC + 2Gb LPDDR2 S4 SDRAM

Package: 162ball FBGA Type – 11.5 x 13 x 1.0mmt, 0.5mm pitch Type

Manufacturer: Samsung



The KMN9W000RM-B205 is a Multi Chip Package Memory which combines 2GB e·MMC and 2Gbit LPDDR2 S4 SDRAM.

The SAMSUNG e·MMC is an embedded MMC solution designed in a BGA package form. e·MMC operation is identical to a MMC card and therefore is a simple read and write to memory using MMC protocol v4.41 which is a industry standard.

e·MMC consists of NAND flash and a MMC controller. 3V supply voltage is required for the NAND area (VDDF) whereas 1.8V or 3V dual supply voltage (VDD) is supported for the MMC controller. Maximum MMC interface frequency of 52MHz and maximum bus widths of 8 bit are supported. […]


• Double-data rate architecture; two data transfers per clock cycle

• Bidirectional data strobes (DQS, DQS), These are transmitted/ received with data to be used in capturing data at the receiver

• Differential clock inputs (CK and CK)

• Differential data strobes (DQS and DQS)

• Commands & addresses entered on both positive and negative CK edges; data and data mask referenced to both edges of DQS

• 8 internal banks for concurrent operation

• Data mask (DM) for write data

• Burst Length: 4 (default), 8 or 16

• Burst Type: Sequential or Interleave

KMN9W000RM-B205 Datasheet