KSD301 Datasheet – Thermostat

This post explains for the semiconductor KSD301.

The Part Number is KSD301.

The function of this semiconductor is Thermostat.

Manufacturers : Sunshine

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Description :

Thermostat KSD301 SPECIFICATION Electrical Rating : 16A 125V AC (Resistive Load) 10A 250V AC (Resistive Load) 16A 250V AC (Resistive Load) Operating Temp : 50 ~ 175 (UL.CUL 205 ) Differential : 10~30K (15K Standard) Temp. Tolerance : Operating Temp. 3K 5K Heat Durability : 220 Max. (PPS) Circuit Resistance : 50m Max. Insulation Resistance : 100M Min.at DC500V Dielectric Strength : AC 1000V for One Minute. or AC 1800V for One Second. Operating Life : 100000 Cycles (16A 125V/10A 250V AC) 10000 Cycles (16A 250V AC) HOW TO ORDER MODEL CODE (FULL CODE) Ex) KSD301 A 1 10 B C D 2 B MODEL SERIES (a) CONTACT TYPE OPERATING TEMP. TEMP. TOLERANCE BRACKET TYPE TERMINAL ORIENTATION TERMINAL SIZE BASE MATERIAL B : Bakelite C : Ceramic (a) CONTACT TYPE : (b) (c) (d) (e) A = Contact Opens When Temperature Rises to Set Point (Normally Closed) B = Contact Closes When Temperature Rises to Set Point (Normally Open) M = Manual Reset (b) TEMP. TOLERANCE : (*=STANDARD) The Grade of Temp. Tol […]

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KSD301 Datasheet

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