KT66 Tube – Yetrode Vacuum Tube, Pentode ( Datasheet PDF )

Part Number: KT66

Function: Beam Power Tube, Pentode

Manufacturer: , Analog MetricETC


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The power dissipation of beam power tube KT66 can reach 25W. For audio frequency amplifier, it can
be used to class A and AB amplification.


1. Filament Heating

UH : 6.3 V
IH : 1.27 A

2. Maximum Ratings

Tetrode config. triodes config.
Plate voltage : 500 —400 V
Plate dissipation power : 25 —25–W
Second grid voltage : 400V
Second grid power dissipation : 35W
Cathode current : 200mA
Heater voltage between cathodes : ±100V
Girst grid resistance
for fix-biasing voltage : 0.1 MΩ
for self-biasing voltage : 0.5 M Ω […]

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KT66 Datasheet

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