LC320WXE-SCA1 PDF Datasheet – 32 Inch, TFT LCD Module

This post explains for the TFT LCD Module.

The Part Number is LC320WXE-SCA1.

The function of this LCD is 32 inch WXGA TFT Module.

Manufacturer: LG

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The LC320WXE-SCA1 is a color active matrix liguid crystal display with an intergral external elecrode fluorescent lamp(EEFL) backlight system. The matrix employs a-Si Thin Film transistor as the active element.


1. Active Screen Size : 31.51 inches ( 800.4 mm ) diagonal

2. Outline Dimension : 760.0(H) x 450.0(V) x 43.0 mm(D)

3. Pixel Pitch : 0.51075 mm x 0.17025 mm X RGB

4. Color Depth : 8bit, 16.7M Color

5. Weight : 4.8 Kg(Typ.)

6. Display Mode : Transmissive mode, Normally black


LC320WXE-SCA1 Datasheet