LD7576A – Green-Mode PWM Controller

Part Number : LD7576A

Function : Green-Mode PWM Controller

Manufactures : Leadtrend

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LD7576A 1 1/29/2009 Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OLP Delay Time REV. 00b General Description The LD7576A brings hi gh performance, and com bines highly inte grated functions, protections an d EMI-improve solution. It’s cost. The LD7576A features near-lossless high v oltage startup circuit, green-mode power-saving operation, leading-edge blanking of the curre compensation. nt sensi ng an d i nternal slop e They are also equipped with protections, an id eal so lution for those cost-sensitive systems, redu cing comp onent count and overa ll s ystem Features z z z z z z z z z z z High-Voltage (500V) Startup Circuit Current Mode Control Non-Audible-Noise Green Mode Control UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout) LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) on CS Pin Internal Slope Compensation OVP (Over Voltage Protection) on Vcc On-Chip OTP (Over Temperature Protection) OLP (Over Load Protection) 500mA Driving Capability Adjustable OLP delay time such as OLP (Over Load Pro tection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OT P (Over T emperature Protection), to prevent circuit damage under abnormal conditions. Applications z z z Switching AC/DC Adaptor and Battery Charger Open Frame Switching Power Supply LCD Monitor/TV Power Typical Application 1 Leadtrend Technology Corporation LD7576A-DS-00b November , 2009 http:// www.leadtrend.com.tw LD7576A Pin Configuration SOP-7 (TOP VIEW) VCC OUT HV SOP-8, D IP-8 (TOP VIEW) OUT 5 8 6 5 8 7 TOP MARK YYWWPP 1 2 3 4 1 LD7576AGS TOP MARK YYWWPP 2 3 4 VCC 6 NC HV YY: WW: PP: Year code Week code Production code CT COMP COMP CS CS Ordering Information Part number LD7576A GR LD7576A GS LD7576A GN Package SOP-7 SOP-8 DIP-8 Top Mark LD7576AGR LD7576AGS LD7576AGN Shipping 2500 /tape & reel 2500 /tape & reel 3600 /tube /Carton The LD7576A is ROHS compliant/ Green Package. Pin Descriptions PIN 1 CT NAME FUNCTION This pin is to program the frequ ency of a lo wer freq uency timer. Connecting a capacitor to ground sets the OLP delay time. Voltage fee dback pi n (sam e as th e CO MP pin in UC384X). Co nnecting a 2 COMP photo-coupler closes the co ntrol loo p to achieve the regu lation. A high qu ality ceramic capacitor (X7R), with capacitance of 102pF at least, is required for gen eral applications. 3 4 GND 5 6 7 NC CS Current sense pin, for sensing the MOSFET current. Ground. OUT VCC Gate drive output to drive an external MOSFET. Supply voltage pin. Unconnected Pin. Connect this p in to a p ositive termina l of a bulk c apacitor to provi de t he startup 8 HV current for the control ler. When Vcc voltage trips up to the UVLO(on), this HV loop will be off to save the power loss on the startup circuit. 2 Leadtrend Technology Corporation LD7576A-DS-00b November , 2009 www.leadtrend.com.tw GND GND CT LD7576A Block Diagram ∑ 3 Leadtrend Technology Corporation LD7576A-DS-00b November , 2009 www.leadtrend.com.tw LD7576A Absolute Maximum Ratings […]

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LD7576A Datasheet

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