LGD70-100A – (LGD Series) Global Pro-tection Fuses

Part Number : LGD70-100A

Function : (LGD Series) Global Pro-tection Fuses

Manufactures : LITTELFUSE

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LgD Series Global ProTM-tection Fuses 600 Volts AC I Time-Delay I 1 – 100 Amperes GlobalPro GLOBAL CIRCUIT PROTECTION SPECIFICATIONS Voltage Ratings: 600 Volts AC (UL) 690 Volts AC (IEC) Interrupting Rating: AC: 200,000 amperes rms symmetrical Ampere Range: 1 – 100- amperes Approvals: UL Listed Special Purpose 1–30 amps (File No. E71611) UL Recognized 35–60 amps (File No. E71611) CSA Certified 1–60 amps (File No. LR29862) *Contact factory for ratings above 60A NEW AMPERE RATINGS 1 3 6 8 10 15 20 25 30 35 45 50 60 70- 80- 100- *Contact factory for ratings above 60A Example part number (series & amperage): LgD 60 12 40 90- Features AND BENEFITS The Global Pro-tection system from Littelfuse is the world’s only fuse system designed for use anywhere, in any equipment, in virtually any country. The Global Protection system simplifies circuit protection by incorporating North American electrical requirements into fuse styles found in the rest of the world. The system’s reduced size, touch-safe design, and international acceptance make the Global Pro system the easy circuit protection choice for engineers and equipment designers everywhere. Global Pro fuses provide quick and positive visual identification of blown fuses by using a pop-up indicator design that protrudes from the top of the fuse, immediately alerting maintenance personnel that it needs to be replaced. The pop-up indicator is designed to activate a microswitch that is built into every Global Pro system to activate stack-lights or to integrate into PLC networks and provide equipment operators with a remote method of determining when the fuse needs to be replaced. The Global Pro system is designed to save valuable space in a crowded panel while providing designers with the flexibility of a universally accepted design for easy replacement. Global Pro fuses are far more compact and have greater power handling capability than conventional products. Global Pro fuses are up to 75% smaller than Class RK5 fuses and up to 50% smaller than Class J fuses while providing the time delay characteristics that are necessary for motor circuit protection. The Global Pro Fuse is physically compatible with IEC style fuseholders allowing it to be used in virtually any market. The IEC dimensions of the Global Pro fuseholder allow easy adaptation of exported equipment by simply replacing the fuse with one that meets local standards. Features I I I Extremely compact size Pop-up Indication Meets performance requirements of UL Class J fuses BENEFITS I Global acceptance I UL and IEC approval I Universal voltages I Touch-safe components I Integrated lockout/tagout device for OSHA compliance I Blown fuse indication I Design versatility for OEMs SIZE CHART Part Number LgD 0–30A LgD 35–60A LgD 70–100A Amperage 0–30A 35–60A 70–100A English 9/16” x 2” 13/16” x 2-1/4” 1-1/16” x 2-3/8” Metric 14mm x 51mm 22mm x 58mm 27mm x 60mm Applications I I I I Motor co […]

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LGD70-100A Datasheet

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