LH4002C PDF Datasheet – Wideband Video Buffer

Part Number: LH4002C

Function: Wideband Video Buffer

Package: HO8A (TO5-8) Type, N10A (DIP 10 Pin) Type

Manufacturer: Calogic LLC


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This is Wideband Video Buffer. The LH4002C family is a high speed voltage follower designed to drive video signals from DC up to 300MHz. At voltage supplies of ±5V, the LH4002 family will provide up to 80mA into 50Ω at slew rates of 2000 V/µs. The LH4002 family is intended to fulfill a wide range of high speed applications including video distribution, impedance transformation, and load isolation. It is also suitable for use in current booster applications within an op amp loop. This allows the output current capability of existing op amps to be increased.


• DC to 300 MHz Bandwidth with VS = ± 5V
• 3000 V/µs Slew Rate into 50Ω


• Wideband Amplifier Buffer Line Driver

• Wideband

• Video

• Coaxial Cable Driver


METAL CAN PACKAGE INPUT 8 DUAL-IN-LINE PACKAGE VIEW N10A CALOGIC CORPORATION, 237 Whitney Place, Fremont, California 94539, Telephone: 510-656-2900, FAX: 510-651-1076 LH4002A / LH4002 / LH4002C CORPORATION ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Note 1) Supply Voltage ±10 Input Voltage ±Vsupply Storage Temperature Range -65oC to +150oC Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 seconds) 260oC Power Dissipation . (Note 4) ESD Tolerance (Note 3) . ±2000V Thermal Resistance (θJA) (Note 6) H Package 125oC/W N Package . 50oC/W Maximum Junction Temperature 150oC DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS The following specifications apply for Supply Voltage = ±5V, VCM = 0, RL ≥ 100KΩ and RS = 50Ω unless otherwise noted. Boldface limits apply for TA = TJ = TMIN to TMAX; all other limits TA = TJ = 25oC. LH4002A SYMBOL CHARACTERISTICS TYP Limit (Note 5) 0.96 0.95 0.89 0.89 15 25 10 20 LH4002 Limit […]


LH4002C Datasheet