LM2596HV – 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

Part Number : LM2596HV

Function : 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

Manufactures : H&Msemi

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LM2596HV 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator LM2596HV DESCRIPITION The /0+9 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and an ADJ output version. Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are simple to use and include internal frequency compensation, and a fixed-frequency oscillator. The /0+9 series offers a high-efficiency replacement for popular three-terminal linear regulators. It substantially reduces the size of the heat sink, and in some cases no heat sink is required. A standard series of inductors optimized for use with the /0+9 are available from several different manufacturers. This feature greatly simplifies the design of switch-mode power supplies. Other features include a guaranteed ±4% tolerance on output voltage within specified input voltages and output load conditions, and ±10% on the oscillator frequency. External shutdown is included, featuring typically 50 μA standby current. The output switch includes cycle-by-cycle current limiting, as well as thermal shutdown for full protection under fault conditions. Features z 3.3V, 5V, 12V and adjustable output versions z Guaranteed 3A output current z Adjustable version output voltage range,1.23V to57V±4% max over line and load conditions z 150 kHz fixed frequency internal oscillator z TTL shutdown capability, low power standby mode z High efficiency z Uses readily available standard inductors z Thermal shutdown and current limit protection z Wide input voltage range up to 60V z Requires only 4 external components 1/13 A P P L I C AT I O N S z Simple high-efficiency step-down (buck) regulator z On-card switching regulators z Positive to negative converter (Buck-Boost) z Efficient pre-regulator for linear regulators PIN CONNECTION LM2596HV BLOCK DIAGRAM 2/13 LM2596HV PIN FUNCTIONS +VIN —This is the positive input supply for the IC switching regulator. A suitable input bypass capacitor must be present at this pin to minimize voltage transients and to supply the switching currents needed by the regulator. Ground —Circuit ground. Output —Internal switch, the voltage at this pin switches between (+VIN VSAT) and approximately -0.5V. To minimize coupling to sensitive circuitry, the PC board copper area connected to this pin should be kept to a minimum. FeedBack —Senses the regulated output voltage to complete the feedback loop. —Allows the switching regulator circuit to be shut down using logic level signals. Pulling this pin below a threshold voltage of approximately 1.5V turns the regulator on, and shutdown feature is not needed, the ON/OFF pin can be wired to the ground pin or it can be left open, in either case the regulator will be in the ON condition. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS *1 Characteristic Maxi […]

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LM2596HV Datasheet

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