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Manufactures : STMicroelectronics

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LM217, LM317 1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators TO-220 TO-220FP D²PAK Datasheet – production data Description The LM217, LM317 are monolithic integrated circuits in TO-220, TO-220FP and D²PAK packages intended for use as positive adjustable voltage regulators. They are designed to supply more than 1.5 A of load current with an output voltage adjustable over a 1.2 to 37 V range. The nominal output voltage is selected by means of a resistive divider, making the device exceptionally easy to use and eliminating the stocking of many fixed regulators. Features • Output voltage range: 1.2 to 37 V • Output current in excess of 1.5 A • 0.1 % line and load regulation • Floating operation for high voltages • Complete series of protections: current limiting, thermal shutdown and SOA control Table 1. Device summary Order codes TO-220 (single gauge) TO-220 (double gauge) LM217T LM317T LM317BT LM217T-DG LM317T-DG D²PAK (tape and reel) LM217D2T-TR LM317D2T-TR TO-220FP LM317P March 2014 This is information on a product in full production. DocID2154 Rev 19 1/25 www.st.com Contents Contents LM217, LM317 1 Pin configuration. 3 2 Maximum ratings 4 3 Diagram. 5 4 Electrical characteristics . 6 5 Typical characteristics. 9 6 Application information . 10 7 Package mechanical data 14 8 Packaging mechanical data22 9 Revision history. 24 2/25 DocID2154 Rev 19 LM217, LM317 1 Pin configuration Figure 1. Pin connections (top view) Pin configuration 723 DocID2154 Rev 19 3/25 25 Maximum ratings 2 Maximum ratings LM217, LM317 Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings Symbol Parameter VI – VO IO Input-reference differential voltage Output current TOP Operating junction temperature for: PD TSTG Power dissipation Storage temperature LM217 LM317 LM317B Value 40 Internally limited – 25 to 150 0 to 125 -40 to 125 Internally limited – 65 to 150 Unit V A °C °C Note: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur. Functional operation under these condition is not implied. Table 3. Thermal data Symbol Parameter D²PAK RthJC RthJA Thermal resistance junction-case Thermal resistance junction-ambient 3 62.5 TO-220 5 50 TO-220FP 5 60 Unit °C/W °C/W 4/25 DocID […]

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LM317 Datasheet

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