LMC6482 Datasheet – Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LMC6482

Function : CMOS Dual Rail-To-Rail Input and Output Operational Amplifier

Manufactures : National Semiconductor

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LMC6482 CMOS Dual Rail-To-Rail Input and Output Operational Amplifier November 1997 LMC6482 CMOS Dual Rail-To-Rail Input and Output Operational Amplifier General Description The LMC6482 provides a common-mode range that extends to both supply rails. This rail-to-rail performance combined with excellent accuracy, due to a high CMRR, makes it unique among rail-to-rail input amplifiers. It is ideal for systems, such as data acquisition, that require a large input signal range. The LMC6482 is also an excellent upgrade for circuits using limited common-mode range amplifiers such as the TLC272 and TLC277. Maximum dynamic signal range is assured in low voltage and single supply systems by the LMC6482’s rail-to-rail output swing. The LMC6482’s rail-to-rail output swing is guaranteed for loads down to 600Ω. Guaranteed low voltage characteristics and low power dissipation make the LMC6482 especially well-suited for battery-operated systems. LMC6482 is also available in MSOP package which is almost half the size of a SO-8 device. See the LMC6484 data sheet for a Quad CMOS operational amplifier with these same features. Features (Typical unless otherwise noted) n Rail-to-Rail Input Common-Mode Voltage Range (Guaranteed Over Temperature) n Rail-to-Rail Output Swing (within 20 mV of supply rail, 100 kΩ load) n Guaranteed 3V, 5V and 15V Performance n Excellent CMRR and PSRR: 82 dB n Ultra Low Input Current: 20 fA n High Voltage Gain (RL = 500 kΩ): 130 dB n Specified for 2 kΩ and 600Ω loads n Available in MSOP Package Applications Data Acquisition Systems Transducer Amplifiers Hand-held Analytic Instruments Medical Instrumentation Active Filter, Peak Detector, Sample and Hold, pH Meter, Current Source n Improved Replacement for TLC272, TLC277 n n n n n 3V Single Supply Buffer Circuit Rail-To-Rail Input Rail-To-Rail Output DS011713-2 DS011713-3 DS011713-1 Connection Diagram DS011713-4 © 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS011713 www.national.com Ordering Information Package Temperature Range Military −55˚C to +125˚C 8-Pin Molded DIP 8-pin Small Outline 8-pin Ceramic DIP 8-pin Mini SO LMC6482IMM MUA08A Rail Tape and Reel A10 LMC6482AMJ/883 LMC6482MN Industrial −40˚C to +85˚C LMC6482AIN, LMC6482IN LMC6482AIM, LMC6482IM J08A M08A Rail Tape and Reel Rail LMC6482AMJ/883Q5962-9453401MPA N08E Rail LMC6482MN, LMC6482AIN, LMC6482IN LMC6482AIM, LMC6482IM NSC Drawing Transport Media Package Marking www.national.com 2 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance (Note 2) Differential Input Voltage Voltage at Input/Output Pin Supply Voltage (V+ − V−) Current at Input Pin (Note 12) Current at Output Pin (Notes 3, 8) Current at Power Supply Pin Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) 1.5 kV Storage Temperature Range Junction Temperature (Note 4) −65˚C to +150˚C 150˚ […]

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LMC6482 Datasheet

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