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Manufactures : Renesas

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M16C/1N Group SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MICROCOMPUTER REJ03B0002-0100Z Rev.1.00 2004.10.20 1. Overview The M16C/1N group consists of single-chip microcomputers that use high-performance silicon gate CMOS processes and have a on-chip M16C/60 series CPU core. The microcomputers are housed in 48-pin plastic mold QFP package. These single-chip microcomputers have both high function instructions and high instruction efficiency and feature a one-megabyte address space and the capability to execute instructions at high speed. 1.1 Applications Automotive and industrial control systems, other automobile, other Rev.1.00 Oct 20, 2004 page 1 of 29 REJ03B0002-0100Z M16C/1N Group 1. Overview 1.2 Performance Overview Table 1.1 gives an overview of the M16C/1N group performance specification. Table 1.1 Performance overview Item Performance Number of basic instructions 91 instructions Shortest instruction execution time 62.5 ns (when f(XIN)=16MHz) Memory ROM See Table 1.2 Performance overview size RAM See Table 1.2 Performance overview I/O port P0 to P5: 37 lines Multifunction T1 8 bits x 1 timer TX, TY, TZ 8 bits x 3 TC 16 bits x 1 Serial I/O (UART or clock synchronous) x 2 A/D converter x 12 channels (maximum resolution: 10 bits) (Expandable up to 14 channels) D/A converter 8 bits x 1 CAN controller 1 channel, 2.0B active Watchdog timer 15 bits x 1 (with prescaler) Interrupts 15 internal causes, 8 external causes, 4 software causes Clock generating circuits 3 internal circuits Power supply voltage 4.2 V to 5.5V (when f(XIN)=16MHz) Power consumption 70mW(VCC=5.0V, f(XIN)=16MHz) I/O I/O withstand voltage 5V characteristics Output current 5mA (10mA:LED drive port) Device configuration CMOS silicon gate Package 48-pin LQFP Rev.1.00 Oct 20, 2004 page 2 of 29 REJ03B0002-0100Z M16C/1N Group 1.3 Block Diagram Figure 1.1 shows block diagram of the M16C/1N group. 1. Overview 8 82 8 8 3 I/O ports Port P0 Port P1 Port P2 Port P3 Port P4 Port P5 Internal peripheral functions Timer Timer 1 (8 bits) Timer X (8 bits) Timer Y (8 bits) Timer Z (8 bits) Timer C (16 bits) Watchdog timer (15 bits) A/D converter (10 bits X 12 channels, expandable to 14 channels) UART/clock synchronous SI/O (8 bits X 2 channels) D/A converter (8 bits X 1 channel) System clock generator XIN-XOUT XCIN-XCOUT On-chip oscillation CAN controller (1 channel) M16C/60 series 16-bit CPU core Registers RR0H0H RR0L0L R1H R1L R2 R3 A0 A1 FB SB Program counter PC Stack pointers ISP USP Vector table INTB Flag register FLG Memory ROM (Note 1) RAM (Note 2) Multiplier Note 1: ROM size depends on MCU type. Note 2: RAM size depends on MCU type. Figure 1.1 Block diagram Rev.1.00 Oct 20, 2004 page 3 of 29 REJ03B0002-0100Z M16C/1N Group 1.4 Performance Overview Table 1.2 shows performance overview. Table 1.2 Performance overview Type No. M301N2M4T-XXXFP(D) M301N2M8T-XXXFP(D) M301N2F8TFP(D) M301N2F8FP(D) (D): Under development ROM 32Kbytes 64Kbytes […]

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M301N2F8FP Datasheet

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