M42SP-5 PDF Datasheet – Stepping Motor

This post explains for the Stepping Motor.

The Part Number is M42SP-5.

Manufacturer: MITSUMI

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M42SP-5 is Stepping Motor.

OUTLINE “M42SP-5” has acquired the highest output torque among the outer diameter 42mm model series-holding torque : 78.4mN·m, pull-out torque : 27.6mN·m/200pps, and pull-in torque : 26.5mN·m/200pps (12V DC). With superior running noiselessness and other features, this model motor is the most suited to future, compact electronic equipment. Features 1. High output torque. 2. Superior running quietness and stability. 3. Step angle : 7.5˚. 4. Excellent responsiveness acquired. USES Printers, typewriters, word processors, facsimiles, copy machines, and such. MITSUMI Stepping Motors SPECIFICATIONS Items Rated Voltage Working Voltage Rated Current/Phase No. of Phase Coil DC Resistance Step Angle Excitation Method Insulation Class Holding Torque Pull-out Torque Pull-in Torque Max. Pull-out Pulse Rate Max. Pull-in Pulse Rate M42SP-5 DC 12V DC 24V DC 10.8~13.2V DC 21.6~26.4V 259mA 216mA 4 Phase […]

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M42SP-5 Datasheet

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