MAP3202 – High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver

Part Number : MAP3202

Function : High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver

Manufactures : MagnaChip

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MAP3202 – High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver Confidential Datasheet Version 1.1 Datasheet – MAP3202 High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver General Description MAP3202 is a single channel high efficiency boost type PWM driver with current mode control. It is designed for high brightness LED driver optimized for backlighting system for LCD module. MAP3202 offers the function of accurate and fast LED dimming control using PWM interface and external dimming MOSFET. MAP3202 has the over-voltage protection, the shortcurrent protection and UVLO, providing auto-restart function. Features Wide input voltage range up to 18V PWM Dimming Current Mode Control Type Synchronization to peer to peer Internal Auto Restart Mode Protection Programmable Output Over Voltage Protection LED Short Current Protection Boost switch current limit Protection Package : SOIC-14 Pin MAP3202 is available in SOIC-14 Pin package with Halogen-free (fully RoHS compliant). For more information, please contact local MagnaChip sales office in world-wide or visit MagnaChip’s website at Applications High Brightness white LED backlighting for LCD TVs and monitors General LED lighting applications Ordering Information Part Number MAP3202SIRH Top Marking MAP3202 Ambient Temperature Range -40℃ to +85℃ Typical Application Package SOIC-14 Pin RoHS Status Halogen Free March 2012 Page 1 MAP3202 – High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver Pin Configuration Confidential 1 14 2 13 3 12 4 11 5 10 69 78 Datasheet Version 1.1 Functional Block Diagram on off EN 11 Enable VCC 21 8V / 7V REF 180 5V Vcc good BG RT 67 REF CK CS 55 FBN 1146 FBP 1135 COMP 1124 BLANKING CK Gm AMP 4R R FBP X 2.5 3V / 2.7V ++ 1102 OVP + OSCILLATOR SS Q RR QQ SYNC 78 Vcc good PROT 1113 PWMI 44 GND 33 GATE 191 PWMO March 2012 Page 2 MAP3202 – High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver Confidential Pin Description PIN NO 1 EN 2 VCC 3 GATE 4 GND 5 CS 6 RT 7 SYNC 8 REF 9 PWMO 10 OVP 11 PWMI 12 COMP 13 FBP 14 FBN Description Enable Power Supply Input Gate Drive Output for Boost Converter GND Current Sense of Boost Converter Oscillators Frequency Set Oscillators Synchronizing Input Reference Voltage PWM Gate Driver Output Over Voltage Protection PWM Gate Driver Input Error AMP. Compensation Error AMP. Non-inverting Input/Positive Current Sense Error AMP. Inverting Input/Negative Current Sense Datasheet Version 1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings (1) PARAMETER VCC GATE, PWMO EN, CS, RT, SYNC, REF, OVP, PWMI, COMP, FBP, FBN Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Lead temperature(soldering, 10sec ) Thermal Resistance (θJA) VALUE -0.3 ~ 20 -0.3 ~ 20 -0.3 ~ 6.0 -40 ~ 150 -65 ~ 150 260 110 UNIT V V V ℃ ℃ ℃ ℃/W Note1: Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond thos […]

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MAP3202 Datasheet

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