MB39A132 Datasheet – Rectification DC/DC Converter IC

This post explains for the semiconductor MB39A132.

The Part Number is MB39A132.

The function of this semiconductor is Synchronous Rectification DC/DC Converter IC.

Manufacturer: Fujitsu

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FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR DATA SHEET DS04–27265–5E ASSP For Power Management Applications (Rechargeable Battery) Synchronous Rectification DC/DC Converter IC for Charging Li-ion Battery MB39A132 ■ Description MB39A132, which is used f or charging Li-ion batter y, is a synchronous rectification DC/DC con verter IC adopting pulse width modification (PWM). It can control charge voltage and charge current separately and supports the N-ch MOS driver. In addition, MB39A132 is suitable for down-conversion. MB39A132 has an AC adapter detection comparator, which is independent of the DC/DC converter control block, and can control the source supplying voltage to the system. MB39A132 suppor ts a wide input v oltage range, enables low current consumption in standb y mode, and can control the charge voltage and charge current with high precision, which is perfect for the built-in Li-ion battery charger used in devices such as notebook PC. ■ Features • Supports 2/3/4-Cell […]

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MB39A132 Datasheet

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